Problems and questions with KDE compositor

Not wanting to go off topic but I've been having this same issue. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when Compositor will crash. However I've suspected my mouse was at fault. It has been dying for sometime now. Compositor had been playing nicely for the last few days til just after I made the last post in this thread. Then it was the worst it has ever been, causing me to do two hard resets and after the second one having to reenable each of the Deskjtop Effects, cause Compositor was working but I had none of my effects. I was just given a new mouse and all seems to be good again.

Well It may be Kernel, but if it is it's both the default kernel that came with this build and the hardened. Just as soon ferret out the problem without changing the kernel. In my book try to fix the software first, then if all else fails switch kernels.

@petsam this issue was happen before chaotic went down, days before to be specific. Think it's time I post on the KDE forums and create a bug report. Really thought in my case it was a dying mouse, especially when right after relpacing it the issue seemed to go away.


On a side note the new mouse is simply fantastic compared to the old. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are these commands still valid? The tread I found them in is from 2015.

qdbus org.kde.KWin /Compositor suspend
qdbus org.kde.KWin /Compositor resume

Seems like there's one easy way to find out. I'm not at my comp, so I can't test them for you. I do seem to recall those commands changing a little while back though.

You can also use a key combination to enable/disable kwin. Not at my computer, (so I'm not positive), but I believe this should work:



I thought about that but the compositor is behaving right now so I really don't want to play with it. If it goes down again then yes I'll try those commands. I'll see what I can find on the keyboard shortcuts.

Anyone know if the below should still work?

Below I describe one way of adding an icon to your Desktop that you can use to toggle compositing in KWin and that does not require any compiling, so it should be more straightforward to implement by a newcomer to KDE.

Use your preferred text editor to create the following Desktop Configuration File named `toggle_compositing_in_KWin` in your Desktop directory:

`[Desktop Entry]`

`Comment[en_GB]=toggles compositing in KWin`

`Comment=toggles compositing in KWin`

`Exec=sh /home/fitzcarraldo/`

`GenericName[en_GB]=toggles compositing in KWin`

`GenericName=toggles compositing in KWin`














(Replace “fitzcarraldo” with your user name, of course.)

Then create a text file `~/` containing the following:


`echo -n "Current compositing state: "`

`qdbus org.kde.kwin /KWin compositingActive`

`echo -n "Changing compositing state..."`

`qdbus org.kde.kwin /KWin toggleCompositing`

`echo -n "Current compositing state: "`

`qdbus org.kde.kwin /KWin compositingActive`

`echo -n "All done. Press ENTER to close window: "`

`read ENTRY`

Finally, open a Konsole window and enter the following command under your own user account:

`chmod +x`

And there you have it. You’ll have an icon on your Desktop that looks something like the following:

![KWin icon|128x128](

This answers the question about the two dbus commands:

❯ sudo qdbus org.kde.KWin /Compositor resume ─╯
[sudo] password for alienprober:
Could not connect to D-Bus server: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NotSupported: Using X11 for dbus-daemon autolaunch was disabled at compile time, set your DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS instead

I don't know what's exactly your issue. I don't understand why you don't start a topic for it and post in several random topics of others. :thinking:

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All the compositor post I've made are in this topic NOT several topics, and NOT random. The above post is about possibly making a desktop shortcut to the compositor to save having to always navigate to it.

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Of course you can't connect to your dbus server if your using a root account.

Lose the sudo, the compositor runs on the users account (not su or sudo).

You can always use the key combo rather than going this route.

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I only added sudo when the command didn't work without it. AS for the keyboard short I know I can use that, what I asked is if use that tut to create a shortcut on the desktop would still be valid?