Grub doesn't open to anything

You have done several system changes, though you don't explain from start which ones. It is very time consuming asking every possible change you might have done, one by one.

A swift guess would be you have to find out where is your $esp (efi) partition, mount it, install grub and, if it succeeds, add that partition to fstab.
There is one FAT (vfat) partition at /dev/sda2, but also an invisible partition at /dev/nvme0n1p1, which maybe an $esp.

Since you have decided to not use btrfs, I would suggest you uninstall grub-btrfs.

Nevertheless, your issue maybe totally unrelated, as there are messages about failed to discover nvme0n1 (grub-probe: warning: unknown device type nvme0n1.), which could also be just cosmetic.
So, you have to do some investigation and testing.


i reinstalled grub and regenerated the config file. reckon itll work now.

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Are your issues on different installations? One is btrfs and one ext4?
I am confused...


different installation.

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this thread is for my personal PC with ext4. one is my friend's PC. another my dad's pc.

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I think for clarities sake you should refrain from posting about ext4 boot issues in the future. The Devs have made it pretty clear that this is unsupported and you're on your own if you want to make major configuration changes such as this.

@petsam is one of the best and most experienced troubleshooters I've encountered on any Linux forum. If you've confused him, imagine how confused a complete Linux newbie would be trying to find help from old posts on the forum.

You have deviated from the install method on all the Garuda editions. Posts such as this are just about as helpful on our forum as posts from Linux users that are using Ubuntu. These types of posts only serve to confuse and bewilder newcomers trying to fix boot issues with newbies.

I am considering locking (or deleting) threads in the future that are about ext4 installation related boot issues. I will have to discuss this with other moderators because this is a total waste of forum support resources and only leads to confusion when searching boot issues.

Booting ext4 while possible with Garuda is unsupported. The Devs have made that crystal clear with posts related to installing on ext4 in the past.

Garuda runs btrfs and a modified grub to allow restoration of a broken system with timeshift from the grub boot menu. This is the main foundation of all editions of the distro. When you start cutting away at your foundation things tend to start crumbling and falling apart if you're not a very skilled craftsman.


OK, I admit I exaggerated a little bit :rofl:

I liked that you were so polite in moderation. We have to switch roles in this forum.
Me bad cop, you good cop. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You're not bad at all, but I notice with many native Greek speakers that online translators often have a hard time translating Greek to English.

I guess that's why English speakers say it's all Greek to me, when they're having a hard time understanding a Linux manpage. :wink:


Ok. Cool. I'll not post issues pertaining to ext4. Only non file system related issues.

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That would be greatly appreciated, as we're trying to keep the advice consistent for the boot related issues on the forum.

Thanks for understanding. :+1: