Grub error file /@/boot not found

When I try to list folders in /@ . There is nothing it's a blank reply. There is @cache @ @root @tmp @home @log @srv and timeshift-btrfs in /. This screen is coming a few days after installation. when i do ls (hd0,msdos1)/@. it returns an empty line.

Try live booting and using Garuda-boot-repair.

It is the best you can do right now.


only grub config regen worked. and rest of them had error telling they werent able to set up chroot(did log out and login). luckily grub config regen fixed it

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Well the question here is why was the grub config destroyed? or simply not generated?
To prevent this from happening again :smiley:


he just restarted the pc because the internet was not working(i turned off the router lmao). then it booted into grub rescue. the entire /@/boot partition was not present. somehow. maybe some weird bug.

Ya weird, you seem to experience a lot of those.

If you haven't broken your computer yet today, you're not trying hard enough.



But well solution exists so no biggie.