GRUB Destroyed

Hello everyone, I installed all Gnome software, but no desktop, and configure very bad GRUB, I'm in MBR No UEFI disk and another partition have win10.

Grub was destroyed completly, and y don't know restore original Garuda Grub. I have a live tool for boot in this partition garuda, but GRUB from disk is bad,

Some tutorial for make again grub?

Please use forum search first :slight_smile:


I' was used Rescatux (and supergrub), and restore Grub but there are 3 errors:

  1. Not Windows Partition in Boot
  2. Not "Gui" interface of grub
  3. Ask for press any key...

some command from linux to reinstall correctly? or all recovery process are manually

Read the post above yours. You can chroot also with chroot app in Garuda-Welcome, for both use live ISO.


Hello, y was used Live Garuda Minimal ISO, and use wizard to recovery GRUB and all ok, the wizard automatically search grub backups and decide better solution, thanks

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