Gpu drivers problem

Hi all , I try to explain it ASAP what’s wrong with my setup . Since last Friday I was thinking about switching to Linux Garuda Gaming edition because it looks gorgeous, everything went fine with installation ( clean instal ) ( update ) but I’m not able to install my GTX 1080 ti , every time I got an error installation failed , so I tried to install another driver from software manager ( after installation and reboot system I can’t get past the Garuda loading screen its just frozen screen … I tried to install the latest drivers from Nvidia website as well but after few seconds I got an error that installation has failed because of an conflict so I got stuc . I reinstalled Linux 5 times already without success with open source drivers .
There is also an other option … boot allowing proprietary drivers nvidia , is it different??
How can I solve this error and fully enjoy the beautiful Linux ??

Boot to a working snapshot, restore it, then explain what your issue is before you start making a series of changes.



and post

inxi -Fxxxza

as text! Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.


Use forum search function first, it is explained more than one time :slight_smile:

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Be sure to provide the exact name of the ISO you are attempting to install with.

Did you checksum the ISO for errors?

Which method did you use to burn the ISO to a flashdrive?

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Thx for answer , I dit one more thing before I have decided to delete Linux . I tried to instal Linux with the Nvidia drivers instead of open source drivers , I waited about 5 minutes when the screen went black and it worked . After some time good Nvidia drivers were installed and now I can game everything on my pc .

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so just to confirm it's working fine now? interesting I had a similar issue but I had to change kernels to fix it

Weird, that didnt fix it for me, I am gonna try what @Mr_Lemon suggested and if it still doesnt work its back to ubuntu. I only use this distro because it looks PRETTY and has wobbly windows and neon icons and stuffs, but I still want to just turn on my pc and know it works. Period. XD

I think the actual fix was installing 2 "potentially missing modules" and changing kernels, when you're installing the nvidia drivers look through the log and look for any missing modules

I've lost count of the disparaging remarks you've made towards our and other distros in the last few days and frankly I'm rather tired of listening to it from you. If your going back to Ubuntu just do it because we don't need to listen to you carrying on about how Garuda isn't satisfying your needs.

If you're going back to Ubuntu that's fine we've about heard enough of your ultimatums for the week.

Consider yourself muted for a week @UkeFudanshi

As this thread is solved it is now being closed.