Google chrome issue/dark mode

Can any one tell that why my chrome is not turn into dark theme specifically settings, history, downloads etc. Though I have in the default Sweetified Plasma.

Provided that I don't use Chrome, so this might applicable or not, maybe you could thing of installing the dark reader extention, which I see available also for Chrome.

Edit: Sorry, I see only now that your issue is not inside the pages...


yeah i already using it ,though the websites are in dark mode, but in chrome settings,history and downloads are in light is not big issue though i am curious about fixing that for a uniform experience.....

Try using extension pack

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using that also

It's all in the settings. Experiment with them, be bold.

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Might just be me but I used to use this extension and it made web pages load twice as long. Not worth dark theme for double loading time haha.

Maybe experiment with the experimental flags if you've tried all the normal settings btw

Dark themes only affect the "external" part, the window. As far as I know, the Dark Reader extension (or maybe equivalent extensions) is the only way to make the content of pages dark.
It definitely takes some processing time, but my eyesight takes priority over my hurry (especially as the years go by...) :slight_smile:


This is not a bug, it is a feature.
Chrome (as well as Firefox) keep their native pages in full control. Extensions cannot change those.

Post a picture of what you are seeing as a bug, so we don't misunderstand.


Yeah i also thinking it but in windows it is in dark mode when i turn on dark mode

it suppose to be automatically turn dark mode on just like other distros like ubantu,kali etc

Hi there, welcome to the community.

Sadly, Google Chrome doesn't support dark mode in Linux. Refer

However, you can change themes to make it partially dark. Like

Also, you can install Dark reader from web store

It pretty much renders all websites in dark mode, but not chrome settings. I guess that won't hurt much to have settings in light mode.

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This is not possible, as others have mentioned. For security purposes, both Chrome and Firefox prevent modifying their internal settings pages, so they will always appear in a light colored theme.

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Oh, but
the same thing works just fine in windows 10 ir 11

Ya well, I'm talking about real OS's that actually take security seriously. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Your pop down menu is in dark which distro are u using?

Now you are taking, :smile:it 's not big deal though ,i mainly work by surfing, just curious why it is not working :hugs:

I use Brave for most 'unimportant' things, and there is a setting for getting this done. As Brave is on a Chrome base, I would have expected it to be there somewhere. Specifically I set 'Use system title bars and colours" and "Brave - dark" along with using GTK classic. Any of those present?

Though both are chromium base, in chrome there is no option to turn on dark mode entirety

Use GTK+. If it does not work, choose classic and choose a dark color scheme inside chrome.