Google Chrome browser continuously crashes the tabs

When do you think the next release for KDE will be @librewish (any idea).

Not that it matters, just curious.

After gnome-shell 3.38 hits arch stable repo

All edition will be built


Hello and thanks @tbg I did that last week, because I knew it consumes disk space, but there is something I do not understand about timeshift, I see the SSD where Garuda is has the following main directories:

@ 10.3GB
@ home 207.3 GB
timeshift-btrfs 106.1 GB

The total sum of those 3 directories is: 323.7 GB

Dolphin shows that my SSD drive has a total capacity of 223.6 GB, so, how can I have 323.7 GB inside?, please see the attached screenshot. By the way I only have left 1.7 GB free in my Garuda disk (SSD)

sudo btrfs filesystem usage /

To be perfectly honest I'm not that up on the inner workings of BTRFS as I'm only a recent convert to the file system myself. If I had to guess I'd think it would be because of the use of hardlinks would lead to discrepancies.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than myself could explain. Or there's always DuckDuckGo or Startpage to perform searches without being tracked.

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Thanks @SGS this is the output of the command:

$ sudo btrfs filesystem usage /  
[sudo] password for jose:                  
    Device size:                 223.57GiB
    Device allocated:            223.56GiB
    Device unallocated:            9.03MiB
    Device missing:                  0.00B
    Used:                        220.82GiB
    Free (estimated):              1.67GiB      (min: 1.67GiB)
    Data ratio:                       1.00
    Metadata ratio:                   1.00
    Global reserve:              316.72MiB      (used: 0.00B)
    Multiple profiles:                  no

Data,single: Size:217.55GiB, Used:215.88GiB (99.23%)
   /dev/sdb1     217.55GiB

Metadata,single: Size:6.01GiB, Used:4.94GiB (82.28%)
   /dev/sdb1       6.01GiB

System,single: Size:4.00MiB, Used:48.00KiB (1.17%)
   /dev/sdb1       4.00MiB

   /dev/sdb1       9.03MiB


sudo btrfs filesystem df /
Data, single: total=64.00GiB, used=63.28GiB
System, single: total=4.00MiB, used=16.00KiB
Metadata, single: total=1.01GiB, used=530.64MiB
GlobalReserve, single: total=105.77MiB, used=0.00B
sudo btrfs filesystem usage /
    Device size:		 232.59GiB
    Device allocated:		  65.01GiB
    Device unallocated:		 167.58GiB
    Device missing:		     0.00B
    Used:			  63.80GiB
    Free (estimated):		 168.30GiB	(min: 168.30GiB)
    Data ratio:			      1.00
    Metadata ratio:		      1.00
    Global reserve:		 105.77MiB	(used: 0.00B)
    Multiple profiles:		        no

I do not use /@home in Timeshift.

Your disk is FULL :slight_smile:

Safe your important data.

Then try delete last Timeshift snapshot. Check new space.
Did you use Fstrim and Scrub in Garuda-Welcome/ - Btrfs?


FYI I have 45 GB data in /@home but not in snapshots (5) seems Timeshift safe also the timeshift snapshots too, but ???

sudo timeshift --list     
[sudo] Passwort für sgs:    
First run mode (config file not found)
Selected default snapshot type: BTRFS
Mounted '/dev/sda2' at '/run/timeshift/backup'
Selected default snapshot device: /dev/sda2
Device : /dev/sda2
UUID   : 4aed908c-1db5-4744-b4f7-928ea01e5bed
Path   : /run/timeshift/backup
Mode   : BTRFS
Status : OK
5 snapshots, 181.1 GB free

Num     Name                 Tags  Description                                    
0    >  2020-09-29_01-57-17  O     {timeshift-autosnap} {created before upgrade}  
1    >  2020-09-29_17-00-37  O     {timeshift-autosnap} {created before upgrade}  
2    >  2020-09-30_01-00-56  O     {timeshift-autosnap} {created before upgrade}  
3    >  2020-09-30_03-24-31  O     {timeshift-autosnap} {created before upgrade}  
4    >  2020-09-30_16-30-36  O     {timeshift-autosnap} {created before upgrade}

Thanks @SGS I did the backup in he HD
I think my machine does not have the hardware for such advanced OS and I can not buy a new machine or at least a 1TB SSD plus 32GB of additional RAM.

my smallest ssd has 111 GB with KDE,
so it is not hardware related.

What can I do @SGS ?

We dont know whats actually consuming space

Give us screenshot of timeshift gui

It will have listed how much space a snapshot is consuming


The screenshot

Dolphin shows 323.7GB used on an SSD with maximum capacity of 223.6GB :question:
Hello @librewish, do you know why this discrepancy?

No file browser read correct data from btrfs , but it differ to much here.



Then try delete last Timeshift snapshot. Check new space.


At least the solution is, you have a memory problem. Safe your data and install again, if you like.
So, nobody else has this problem, so it is difficult to fix from outside.


Done? :white_check_mark:

Then try delete last Timeshift snapshot. Check new space.
Done? :white_check_mark:
I deleted 3 snapshot it should free about 30GB, but it didn't, please compare with this:

I have both always checked
Done? :white_check_mark:

Now Dolphin is reporting 10,6 GB free and I have not updated yet, but I do not understand, If I deleted 3 Timeshift snapshots, I should have recovered 35GB that they had, not 10GB. :worried:

Uninstall Chrome and make sure to check the box to delete browsing data.Then reinstall Chrome.Uninstall and reinstall extensions .

stop with the nerco posts already...