GNOME on Garuda

I am sick and tired of the kwallet dialog box everytime I open an app and I don't know which packages to remove as I am new to Linux. So it'd be great if someone could help me install GNOME on Garuda

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
The installation procedure is the same.
If you did it for KDE there is no reason not to be able to do with gnome.
Download the gnome iso, burn it onto a USB stick with ventoy and boot it.
If you have specific issues enter a related topic, but there is not much more we can say at the moment.


Maybe helpful too

I mark the solution.


When I first used ubuntu like any other newb to linux would do, I had installed kde explicitly on the gnome running ubuntu. Is there a similar way that I can install gnome instead of completely reinstalling the os?

Installing more than one desktop environment on the same machine is technically feasible but high risky and unsupported.
If you wish to receive the forum assistance you'll have to reinstall.


Ok gotcha. Thanks for the help

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If you want to have some fun and bork your system a little bit, this might help, changing bspwm with gnome of course.

As said, reinstalling after would be advisable… But fun is fun :wink:


I would like to mention something, is not a biggie but. if you are new BKK.
The kwallet and also the gnome one will ask if you boot straight into the desktop without logging in as user.
When you install gnome make sure you click login and not boot straight to desktop.
Was frustrating when i started on linux not knowing why.


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