Gnome 43 news?

May not be raising this question in the right place, please excuse if I have not.

  1. Any news when Gnome 43 update will come to Garuda OS?

  2. Is there a safe way of installing it before the release?

I am already using Gnome OS 43 in Boxes. There are some features in this that would be immediately useful.

Thanks for any help.


It'll be there soon.

If you wanna try it, make a VM and install OpenSuse Nightly or Fedora in it. I don't think it makes sense to compile it now when the Arch developers will release it shortlyafter testing.


It's still in Arch's unstable repos. You can install 43 by enabling those repos in pacman.conf but I do NOT advise it. There's a reason they are still in Unstable. But it's your system to break. :wink:


You will hear the banging noise, when that happens! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Several users are also waiting, so I guess we will know as soon as it starts.


The current arch GNOME maintainer usually releases to stable around 3 weeks after the initial release.

Hey, at least because of the delay less extensions will break.


Well I don't see it here - Arch Linux - Package Search,

And there's a discussion going on here - GNOME 43 in Arch / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums

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So yeah, it's installable via gnome-unstable.

I do remember with Gnome 42 there were plenty of people in the Arch Linux forum asking when it'll be released because it was late as well. But: I am actually happy about this, letting time pass to get the bugs out and the extensions working right.

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I love it, I love it, I love it! Allan, you know, owns Arch. :wink:

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pamac is upgrading some apps to version 43, including Console and GDM. Console will not launch on shell 42.5 and I am afraid if I restart I will not be able to log in with GDM 43.

I would be afraid of not being able to login after restart also, if I was using Pamac to upgrade packages.

For updating your packages, it is best to run:

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garuda-update is offering the same packages...

Packages (5) fontconfig-2:2.14.1-2 gdm-43.0-1 lib32-fontconfig-2:2.14.1-2 libgdm-43.0-1

Total Download Size: 2.00 MiB
Total Installed Size: 24.35 MiB
Net Upgrade Size: 0.33 MiB

As you can see gdm is being upgraded to version 43.

Still, I wouldn't worry about it since GDM starts after Grub. Take the update, reboot, and if you run into any problems just restore the pre-upgrade snapshot.

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Computer rebooted just fine, only "issue", console or blackbox don't launch, I guesss I have to wait until gnome-shell is upgraded to version 43.

Nobody's forcing you to use GNOME, right? If that is true, then the torture is self-inflicted. If it is false, then you need to kick that horses' arse in the dick and go with a different DE/WM.

I feel f or you. I got tired of it a dozen or so iterations ago. I mean, there's just so much pain a person can take on a regular six-month basis. After a certain point, the thought of updates makes one cringe.

Just sayin...


LOL, no comments

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Just got the update for Gnome, but gdm won't show up on boot.

If you have already updated, boot to a previous snapshot and set WaylandEnable=false in /etc/gdm/custom.conf in the after-update snapshot by:

sudo nano /.snapshots/17/snapshot/etc/gdm/custom.conf

replace 17 with your snapshot number from the btrfs assistant.

before writing to the snapshot(which is read-only by default) you would have make it writable:

sudo btrfs property set -ts /.snapshots/17/snapshot ro false

after editing the /etc/gdm/custom.conf in the snapshot, make it read-only( though not necessary):

sudo btrfs property set -ts /.snapshots/17/snapshot ro true

Now boot to the updated snapshot.

Is that a Nvidia-based issue or global? When I started trying out GNOME 43, after i noticed it rolling in, I had literally, out of the box, no issues on AMD RX or Intel UHD. I'd heard at least one other did, but beyond that, I've not heard/seen issues, in fact, Gnome's fixed quite a few of the issues I was having with 42 relating to multi-monitor and DisplayPort that I could finally go back to Gnome from having a hiatus to XFCE for a bit.
And FYI, I block reddit, so links from reddit I can never read. I find their content to be... Not worth the wasted time weeding through the weeds.


I agree, there is so much garbage to sift through it always makes me cringe when it's a top hit for something I'm searching.

Not to drag the thread off-topic, but the Garuda Teddit instance is awesome for turning down the noise for the occasional visit, and takes drop-in URL replacement (change "" to "", and leave the rest of the URL as-is).

So in this case:

It doesn't stop Reddit from being a dumpster fire of bad information, but it's a much more tolerable interface.