Getting an error on startup Garuda Linux 6.2.9-zen1-1-zen (tty1))

Garuda Linux 6.2.9-zen1-1-zen (ttyl)
Not able to get through this what is this

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Use garuda-update in tty.
Then there is the matter that the error should no longer appear.

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  1. It has been solved by garuda devs. Plymouth has decided to rename it's modules which leads to this.

This is the warning apply it accordingly.

WARNING: The 'plymouth-encrypt' and 'sd-plymouth' hooks are no longer exist in the package. You should replace them with 'encrypt' and 'plymouth' hooks in your 'mkinitcpio.conf
'. The 'lxdm-plymouth.service', 'lightdm-plymouth.service' and 'sddm-plymouth.service' systemd service files are no longer exist in the package. You should enable 'lxdm.service', 'lightdm.service' or 'sddm.service' instead.

  1. The issue has already been asked by 3 different people on forum and replied to. Before creating a new duplicate thread check out the forum posts first.
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Update is bieng failes it shows Garuda Linux 6.2.9-zen1-1-zen (tty1)
madhur-hpnotebook login:

Nothing else please please help

So, login and run garuda-update as people mentioned already.

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Sorry to bother but i am not able to put password new to linux

Why? The password is not visible while you write it, just write it and press enter.

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I ran the command garuda-update it shows error and warning everywhere still not able to get through it I am sorry

are you connected to internet? I mean ethernet?

No not ethernet

well you need internet for the update.


to connect to the internet
after running the command. use arrow keys to activate a connection and hit enter

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Yeah its updating please be here I am sorry to bother

after the update do tell me if you get a update message at the last

Its done now what to do please tell

what's the message you got at the end of the update?

System updated

you can post pics

It says new users cant post pics

hmm looks like the hot fix didn't work for you either.
can you tell me what DE you use?

I am sorry what is DE