Garuda's purplish sweet application style persistent even in other global themes

Hello Garuda users.

I tried to change the default Garuda theme to other themes such as Orchis, WhiteSur, Material Dark KDE, etc. and almost everything was working fine, however, I noticed that some applications like Dolphin, Terminal, KDE Connect Settings, etc. had Garuda's sweet application style instead of that of the new theme. So the application style didn't mix well with the new theme. I also tried to manually install and apply other application styles from the Appearance settings but there was almost no effect.
Some apps like Settings and System Monitor have perfectly synced with the new theme tho. So I wonder what's the problem here is.

I am currently using WhiteSur Dar Theme and the application style is Kvantum. I have read somewhere about Kvantum manager and idk if that can fix this issue with modifications but I have no idea how to use that.

As a new user, I wasn't allowed to upload screenshots, so here is the link to the image.

Any help is appreciated!

Did you reboot, or at least logoff/logon after each change? KDE can be rather persnickety about such things. :slight_smile:

Yes, I rebooted Garuda after each change, but no effect. I first thought that maybe it was Konsole's theme and I need to change it manually but then later, I found that Dolphin and other application styles were also previous as before.


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