Garuda won't install from USB drive?

I downloaded dragonized and it successfully booted into the OS no problem but when i try to put the OS onto my main system it closes out after I select which drive I want to format and use. after i select my drive it takes me to user setup and every time I try to put in my name it closes any ideas why? i use a NVME Kingston 1tb drive sorry for posting so many topics I've never used Linux before and still learning YouTube only goes so far until i resort to asking on here thanks in advance for any help

going to staples to get another thumb drive the one i used stopped working and wouldn't read

currently looking at it as it sits across the room after being thrown out of anger

Hi bam,

  1. Don't be angry
  2. Don't post multiple thread with the same issue
  3. Repair your thumb drive
  4. Use the recommended way to flash the ISO:
    It can be DD command or Balena Etcher --> Run as Admin is important!
  5. When you boot from the USB you must have 2 option:
    NON-free video drivers (by default) and free-driver
    --> if you can't boot from the ISO choose the free-driver!
    --> Did you enabled boot from USB in your BIOS?!

What is your main system or other OS installed?


i don't have any OS installed its just when I'm at the home screen the transfer to the main storage closes itself and im just stuck there using Garuda off the USB I tried both the open source method allowed me to get on but the proprietary drivers failed booting

It's confusing -> Do you able to boot from the ISO and with the free-driver or not?

Just stuck there. ---> Where? :smiley:
Do you mean got errors during the install?
Can you post the errors?


I fixed it all it was is a bad thumb drive that was sold to me but Ill send a video about my problem or was a problem now linux problem - YouTube

look in the discerption too

March 15, 2021 - YouTube

i ran into a error

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Please, just edit you last post if nobody has post an answer to your last post.


won't let me find drive? - YouTube

don't pay attention to the end

sorry for the video its hard to use 3 devices at once

It's not a chat.
It's easier than you think... greetings SGS

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Just click on the pencil :pencil2: Dude!


Don't be lazy to type errors!
My :eye:s starts bleeding from your videos :smiley:

You said there is no reason for manual partitioning.
Have you tried it?

It does the same that Calamares does.

It's not that hard: Just use KDE Partition Manager from the ISO
1.Create new partition table GPT
2.Create Partition Primary: 500 MB fat32 EFI partition (sda1) for UEFI
3.Create partition Primary: 200GB BTRFS partition (sda2) for Garuda
4. Create partition Primary: 16 GB SWAP partition (sda3) for SWAP
5.Save it, Close it and Restart.
6.Boot again with the ISO
7. From the installer Choose Manual Partitioning
8. For sda1 500 MB fat32 -->
mount point: /boot/efi
flags: boot
9. For sda2 200GB BTRFS -->
mount point: /
no flags!
10. For sda3 16 GB SWAP partition
no mountpoint
no flags!
11. Start the install


If you want separate /home and system partition,
you can create 2 BTRFS partitions:

300 GB BTRFS sda2 for /home partition
mount point: /home
no flags!

300GB BTRFS sda3 for /root partition
mount point: /
no flags!

For reference: There is a video from GarudaWiki:


thank you for the video sometimes i need a visual representation I've never done anything like this before what you post was like a foreign language to me lol and yes ik my videos are bad i just needed a quick video

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for FAT 32 stuff like that since there is no UEFI that i can see just follow the video but to your tweaks like the first one is flagged as boot and so on

Yes because in the video it's install on 'vbox harddisk'
but you have UEFI system, GPT partition.

you might not have enough RAM to install it, also don't throw USB drives it's bad for them.

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i have 32 gigs of RAM also the thumb drive was bad it practically died so bought a new one

for the ram part i couldn't understand her do i need to make a swep like she did i have 32 gigs but if im right she just means if you have plenty i can skip it right? or what?

If you have 32GB of RAM
You can skip the SWAP part.


alright i did exactly how i did which confused me for the KDE partition manager you were talking about is what she was on right? i have 2 partitions the FAT32 and the BTRFS and the rest is free space and all i have to do now is press next right? I'm sorry for seeming like i need my hand being held i just want to be as precise as possible and not brick my computer

You can never brick your computer, even if you wanted to.

So, what's the problem now?
I think @barna88hun already did a great job explaining everything :clap:.


It's the save it, close it, and restart part makes me feel like i had to do it on a separate program than the one she was in or should i just press next put in the user info and let it do its thing?