Garuda Wayfire - Is it possible to exchange Wayland for XORG?

Is it possible to exchange Wayland for XORG ?

I really like the theme of this version, but weiland does not work well on my map!
I would like the same graphical "theme / shell" but with (ON) xorg ?

i am failing in terminal it is sudo pacman -S xorg

  • and install all in list
    but didn't help ; (
    i want WayFire with xorg ;(((
    so good theme(((

I don't know if this can help... Just give a look...
But it should be already in wayfire...

no. i want DELETE wayland TO use XORG in WayFire.
possible? (session on X with wayfire) (session wayfire + x)

No. Wayfire is a wayland compositor.

The 'theme' can probabaly be replicated on KDE Plasma or WM such as awesome.


sad news : (
okay, i download later kde dragon1zed .

but. how add WayFire theme on KDE ?
what need?
can give me instruction ?
heeeeiii.... ??? WHY DELETE MY FULL POST??
how install wayfire in KDE ? -_-

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