How add WayFire theme on KDE?

how add WayFire theme on KDE ?
what need?
can give me instruction ?

i dont know install ANY themes.. : (
just know that commands :
sudo pacman -S xfce
but.. its < all > ;D

I am not that knowledgeable on WayFire, but in general, the consensus is not to mix desktops. Usually they each have different config files, and whatever, and in the long-run can cause issues when mixed.

Why don't you just backup your files and reinstall the Garuda WayFire edition?

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I agree, but the question here is how to replicate the Wayfire theming on KDE. :wink:

Check the thread at the bottom of the OP (also relinked here: Garuda Wayfire - Is it possible to exchange Wayland for XORG?).