Garuda should have a new kde theme

Garuda has a kde Dr460nized edition I think garuda should also have a new kde edition similar to cutefish which will contrast with Dr460nized giving more options
What you think?

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Garuda team has chosen a theme, and a very good one. While it doesn't meet my needs completely, it is the closest in many years. If you believe they need a different one, create the spin for your vision and become a maintainer. Welcome to open source!


The Garuda theme is done nicely and no change needed. Just my opinion.


I like the theme but it's too gamer themed for me. I try and use my laptop professionally and not for gaming and people have mentioned how strange it looks in the case where I use it. If I was just gaming then it would be fine but not for professional use I feel. Fortunately KDE is easily customisable though so the default theme doesn't matter. I went with a more professional and aesthetic kind of theme using Edna and having a simple palette and colour scheme as opposed to the bright and playfully colourful neon icons and theme.


A nice minimal theme for non gamer boi would be appreciated widely


Guys, I literally do zero gaming on my devices and still run dr460nized :joy:


Because u are programmer :joy:
I guess

It's all up to you, bloat the lite or shrink the normal editions.

Or as I used to say, eat or die. :smiley:

Maybe deepl failed.

Oder wie ich früher immer so schön zu sagen pflegte, friss oder stirb.


Hey man , nobody is complaining about the bloat everyone is asking for a new bloat​:joy:
That look like this

Sorry, not my taste.


Peace :peace_symbol:

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This is the Vienna State Opera House painting by Adolf Hitler! Interesting choice to match with peace :slight_smile:


I was just admiring the art :rofl:

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A new edition just for a change in theme?

They then need to be ignored. If you're getting the work done to their satisfaction then they need to sit down and shut up about the look of your desktop.


I've always been surprised when people want a new fork just so that something has a different theme. Or worried how others see their workstation/desktop.

Personally as a KDE user and as an ex MacOS user I love the dr460nized theme. Its catching and looks different than every other distro out there. I had a friend tell me the other day I'm not a hardcore Linux user because I don't use I3 window manager. I just looked at them and laughed and said yeah my machine my rules.

If you don't like the look of something you can change it! KDE Plasma probably the best GUI that allows it.


How many clicks does it take to make dr460nized look "acceptable"?


(this will only make sense to vintage US people probably, think 'How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsiepop?')
The world may never know, Cooter.