Garuda-Proxy Tool

Hello, Reading through the forum I found

Then I remembered how horrible -LInux or more accurately current software is horrible at handling proxy. Terminal programs have to be configured manually, the web browser manually… system wide things manually. The network-manager proxy tab can be considered as good as useless.

While proxyman-git accomplishes some of this, it is does not succeed to cover the whole system.
→ Is it possible to create a Garuda proxy tool that handles everything?
My developing ability is limited to horribly written scripts.

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Maybe :slightly_smiling_face:

People are doing just free contribution here, according to my knowledge, no one gets any benefit so just can’t say about, it will just depend on whether someone have time and good mood to do that or not at last…

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:joy: :joy:, guess i’ll just have to write my weird scripts then— so much for being lazy :joy: