Can garuda-update use a proxy?

Hello everyone. Would you guys happen to know if it's possible to make garuda-update use proxy settings? As in, I have to set HTTP, HTTPS, http, and https proxies to in order to use my hotspot. Can I make garuda-update use that proxy?

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I admit I have no experience at all on this, but I thought you maybe could give a look at this approach, using environment variables:


I haven't tried it personally for garuda-update (yet), but you can force any binary to go through proxychains-ng, as an example.

It's available as a package.


Yes, I’ve used it in the past. I thought of that the other day. I couldn’t get a game I play to use it, but many things did work with it. That’s great advice. I’ll try it.

That’s great info!! I actually tried proxyman-git and used it’s settings to make a couple of simple scripts that I can call at will to proxy and unproxy many things. It was my own idea and to those who know better it may seem a silly approach but it works. I have 2 renamed copies of my file sitting in ~/.config/fish. One for proxying and one for un-proxying, and my simple scripts sit in ~/bin (which I added to $PATH) and simply replace with whichever one I need at the time. The only pain is that if I forget when I alter to alter the copies, my changes get overwritten when I run my scripts, but I don’t really forget anymore. I just have to remember to alter the two copies as well.

But…it doesn’t work with garuda-update. I recently heard ( in my last help post) that there was a way to make garuda-update use some pacman options. Pacman actually won’t use the proxy setting either unless I use “sudo -E,” as in

sudo -E pacman -Syyu

Maybe there’s some similar trick that would work with garuda-update…that’s why I’m asking…Thanks for the help. I’ve never read your link before but I’m about to. I’m sure I’ll better understand what I already know.

How about trying a

sudo -E garuda-update

I mean it’s just a thought… :man_shrugging:


Make sure you use a socks5 proxy for proxychains-ng. Http(s)-only proxies might not work the way you want to.

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I didn’t think for a second that that would work since most pacman/aur helpers won’t let you use sudo with them, but look…

Thank you very much, @NaN .


I am not sure reflector was supposed to fail like that though... :thinking:. Also I hope you checked that garuda-update is actually using your proxy server

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Yes. I always have to un-proxy to set mirrors. I guess that could be my next mission. And Yes, I’m absolutely certain it was garuda-updating through the proxy. Setting the mirrors doesn’t use much bandwidth though. I can start a garuda-update un-proxied then stop when it asks whether or not to start the big downloading, then start the proxy and run garuda-update again and do the bulk of the downloading proxied. That’s actually what I’ve been doing, though, except I’ve been switching to

sudo -E pacman -Syu

after garuda-update finishes it’s setting up. I’m pretty sure that’s what garuda-update is running after it does it’s Garuda specific setting up anyway. The good thing is I can skip setting the mirrors until I start to get problems connecting without any danger, I believe. If I’m wrong, someone please correct me…

I see. Well updating your mirrorlist always is not necessary you can do it once a month to ensure you are always using the best mirrors. you can skip the mirrorlist update when using garuda-update to prevent the waiting for it to work out and even save it in config file to always skip mirrorlist update and prevent the hassle of passing that flag everytime you update.

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Okay...proxychains works with reflector and garuda-update both. I don't know if this is too much to include, but if I were to pass the "-q" flag (for quiet) I think it would look a lot more like a regular garuda-update. I'm putting it here for the curious....

Well, it was too big to paste here. It's 1727 lines. I don't know why it looks so short in pastebin, but it's all there in the raw copy section.

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