Garuda logo keeps loading

I am trying to install Garuda dragonized lite in my laptop with nvidia graphics card, using USB boot.

Its is stuck and keep on loading with eagle logo. Pressed escape and found out team following error:

setfont: KDFONTTOP: Invalid argument

Note: I am able to load the live os using the same iso in VM.

Try with driver = free

Probably your card is too old
Garuda only supports latest nvidia driver


Im having a similar issue...

Trying to boot garuda-kde-multimedia-linux-zen-210225.iso into Vmware Fusion Professional (legal vicense) Version 12.1.0 (17195230 on a macOS Big Sur v11.2.3 with an AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4GB (internal chip), 32GB, i7 6 core 2.6GHz...firware / software fully updated.

When I make a simple vm and point to the garuda...iso it boots up and boots to the Eagle with the swerly mouse circle round and round for hours. Hard-down.

I have tried both the NIVIDIA boot and the OPEN-SOURCE boot to the same response. Hard down.

I have googled the problem from many angles and this post most closely respembles my problem.

I have attempted both the NIVIDA boot and the OPEN-SOURCE in both FULL-SCREEN option and the single-window options within vmware.

I even RE-DOWNLOADED the I garuda...ios and did the hag check to make sure I had the correct code and repeated all 4 steps above.

I am currenly downloading a gardua non KDE version and perform the above steps.

What am I missing here?



Not recommended.

Next, please open new thread only for Garuda related problems and read

and post

inxi -Fxxxza

as text!


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