Garuda Linux - Unable to flash iso in usb drive

So I was also trying to flash garuda linux to usb drive , but getting this issue.

( I am not able to add image here , so adding the text from it)

ISOHybrid image detected

The image you have selected is an ISOHybrid, but its creators have not made it compatible with ISO/File copy mode. As a result, DD image writing mode will be enforced.

I searched for the same and found this post - Unable to Burn To USB. Which is kind of related to my problem but I did't got any solution from it , so posting it again here. Please help

Have you tried Ventoy? It makes things a ton easier. Once you have a drive set up with it, all you have to do is drag and drop ISOs into the drive and it will work its magic.


I don't see any issue there - it looks like you're using Rufus and it is detecting the correct settings for the image.

Text is preferred on a text-based communications platform, so that's good.


@Hitesh06 have you actually clicked on OK when you saw that message? It is not an issue/error, it's an explication of what will happen once you press OK, which you should.


Sure , I will give it a try and update here.

Yes , then after that it starts proceeding and at end the result i got is similar to that of the thread I have attached at top in my post.

Ok, then we need better details on the actual error you get.

Do you get it during flashing (during, at the end, etc.) or do you get it on boot when you try to boot from the USB?

And what exactly is that error showing?

Is pendrive writable mode

Yes , I was able to write other linux iso

Not any specific error , after the flashing is complete , some thing like this Unable to Burn To USB happens. It shrinks the size of pen drive and mark the other available space as unallocated.

Have you?


Try this Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way

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