Garuda Linux - rising in popularity

Garuda Linux was listed on Distrowatch today. For any users wishing to, you can submit a review of Garuda on the Distrowatch website:

While Distrowatch’s ranking system is questionable as far as accuracy, their website is an excellent way to get exposure for a Linux distribution.

Hopefully this new listing on Distrowatch will lead to much positive exposure for Garuda Linux.


Please feel free to use this thread to post interesting new links you find with information or reviews about Garuda Linux from around the web. Posts that wander off topic on this announcements thread may be cleansed periodically to keep the content pertinent.


I’d be MORE than happy to summit a review and add a link to it here.


Review given.


I’ve been using Manjaro since 18.1.4 and for the most part been very happy with it, however after a shakeup of staff and the old Manjaro forums just happening to implode shortly after that, and the new forums slowly becoming a dictatorship I decide to give Garuda another look and found it’s as good if not better than Manjaro in a lot of ways. The biggest thing I noticed was Garuda’s speed over that of Manjaro. Garuda is easily twice as responsive. I recently did a fresh install of Manjaro on a new M.2 drive and was sorely disappointed when there was no real performance increase over having it on a standard Samsung EVO 850 SSD. The very first thing I noticed about Garuda what the speed and stability of it. I now have everything installed that I install in Manjaro, allmy tweaks dones and I don’t see any performance loss. I chose Manjaro cause there is a lot that can be done without having to constantly be in the terminal. Garuda is the exact same in that respect making it extremely to completely migrate to it. I personally would recommend Garuda to anyone looking for a stable, solid, fast, and extremely customable rolling release.


Thank you for the positive review of Garuda on Distrowatch.

I’m sure the guys who’ve put so much effort into creating Garuda feel good to see others are so appreciative of their hard work.


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Glad to see positive reports of Garuda its a very worthy distribution


Congrats! :slight_smile:


High praise from a dyed in the wool Arch user.

Thanks as well.


I’m verry impressed by Garuda Its found a niche that was lacking by other Arch wannabes its not just a new wallpaper not a Ideal to change Arch like Manjaro, Its a dam good effort to make arch more usable for new users, plus you can just remove the tools and you are on vanilla arch if you desire.
AS you already know I’m very critical about Arch so called spins,
Garuda for me is what Manjaro started 1n 2011 then abandoned.
So for me Garuda stands on its own as a viable alternative stand alone DE based on Arch Linux


@librewish has created many different spins of Manjaro and now Garuda, and I have been very impressed with all his work. He really puts in a lot of effort and attention to details on all his projects. Anything he puts out, you can count on to be top notch.


Its true we have seen him grow from a new user with so many questions to a exceptional developer with vision in such a short time and now Garuda well done guys


Good job folks and great reviews. Was out at the lake for a few days with no internet and was very pleased to see the headlines. :heart_eyes:


Helping to steer this thread back to what it was intended for I have to completely agree on the quality of Garuda. I spent some time going through the “Garuda Welcome” app and have to say it’s the best I’ve seen. To top that off the help on the forum is fantastic. No half or more of replies to a thread being Google it, or something similar. I hate it when peeps pull that now-a-days cause how worthless Google had become for any real searching. Another thing I noticed about Garuda is it uses less disk space even with all I have installed. On average between Mint, Neon, Kubuntu, and Manjaro I always sat at over gigs with what I always install(with snapshots in those being created on partition on a secondary drive). With Garuda same installed apps and I’m setting at just under 25 gigs used. At this point I really can’t give @librewish and his Garuda enough praise.


Most of the reviews on Distrowatch for Garuda have been stellar so far. Most reviews have been a 9 or 10 rating except one. There was one disappointing review posted with an exceedingly low ranking of only 2/10 recently.

The major reason for this low ranking according to the user was because of the users inability to get their wifi working after trying for an hour.

I’m no way saying don’t post poor reviews about Garuda, but at least give the forum a chance to assist you before you give up on the distro and post a dismal review.

Garuda has some excellent networking experts on hand to assist you with any connectivity problems. So, please give the forum a try and you may be pleasantly surprised with how easily your problems can be ironed out before abandoning the distro.

You can read the reviews here:


I think that user failed to know how to use cmst
To connect to wifi

As its not as easy as other interfaces.


Thanks!, It is good to know this because I have an SSD with limited capacity with a very good but a bloated distro that I plan to change for Garuda.


Congrats, Garuda team!

As a long time Mepis and MX user, it’s pretty cool to see an Arch-based distro port over/be inspired by some of the MX Tools. Your aim to provide some GUI tools to simplify certain tasks in an Arch-based system is noteworthy, and I think MX-style tools are appropriate since they often don’t mask the backend operation. That way the user can learn a little bit about how it works behind the scenes.

Right now I have distros coming out of my ears on my multiboot systems, including 2 Arch-repo distros, Anarchy and Archdeepin, so I won’t be doing a real metal install of Garuda. When I’m free (rather busy for the moment) I might check it out in VM.

Regardless, I’m happy for Garuda’s recognition and growth.


Welcome to the forum @wongs, nice to see you here.


For those interested in this kind of stuff, I just thought I’d post an update. Amazingly Garuda has risen to number 4 on the 7 day ranking at Distrowatch (4 weeks: 22). The fact that Garuda has only been listed on Distrowatch for just over 2 weeks makes this even more impressive.

The online reviews at Distrowatch have also been very good overall. The average rating from online reviews at Distrowatch stands at a very respectable 8.7 for Garuda. So far there have only been a couple of negative reviews posted at Distrowatch, all other reviews on Distrowatch have been very positive.

There has also been a lot of positive reviews posted at online tech sites {and on YouTube} since Garuda became featured on Distrowatch two weeks ago. Downloads have also increased greatly recently, and it looks like the team’s hard work is being very well received from the responses of late.

Awesome work Garuda team, and a big thank you to all those who’ve helped get the word out about Garuda in Linux circles.

:beers: Beers for the house. :beers:


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