Garuda linux on startup is too buggy

Once i have completed the isntallation i booted into garuda, as soon as i logged in, all i can see is neither the top bar nor the dock, the latte sidebar widget opens automatically and it is cut in the middle and looks ugly and also only the hawk eagle windows can be seen and i can neithr close it or minimize it

this is been happening for a while and i reinstalled the garuda linux 9 TIMES
and still it is not resolved, and i have 8gigs of ram and 100gigs of storage

Apart from the fact that you can't argue about taste, if anyone is ugly here, it's you. :smiley:
It works well for 99.99999 % of users.

Seems you must start reading :slight_smile:

and post

inxi -Fxxxza

as text!



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