Garuda Linux "Golden Eagle" (201007)

Hi guys! :blush:

We are happy to announce the release of a brandnew Garuda Linux version, called "Golden Eagle"!
A lot of people have been downloading our last release and gave valuable feedback. Thanks for that :slight_smile:

With this new release most of the reported bugs have been fixed - along with some other QoL changes to the existing presets.
As you might have noticed, we added 5 new versions to our repertoire: Mate, Cinnamon, Recbox, UKUI and BSPWM. From now on, the editions containing window managers (i3wm, BSPWM, Recbox, Wayfire), Deepin and UKUI will be available in Lite editions only.
Also we have changed the Deepin settings to be rather untouched since altered settings proved to be too buggy.
We also slimmed down our Ultimate editions and moved some more applications from Lite to Ultimate since a lot of users found them to be too bloated. We have made a compromise between "too bloated" and "not working fine out of the box" which should be fine for most people. In addition to that we provide two so called "Barebones" editions which contain only the minimum amount of DE (KDE/GNOME) to get going. Since there are no applications/theming/metapks included we wont provide support for these editions, you are on your own when you decide to install them.
Our Welcome app now got more useful settings to toggle such as en-/disabling printer or samba support to make the jumpstart easier. To help setting up the system there is now a simple setup wizard which contains several options such as setting the initial mirrorlist, upgrading Lite to Ultimate or adding Snap/Flatpak support in Lite.
We dropped preload since it seemed to cause issues during installation and improved battery life (and less fan noise!) by adding auto-cpufreq-git. Laptop users should notice a notable difference!
To take advantage of BTRFS features installs using this filesystem now create @ @home @cache @log subvolumes by default. This way the final space consumption of the snapshots is lowered.
Notable version upgrades include GNOME 3.38, Plasma 5.19.5, Firefox 81, Linux-zen 5.8.13 and Mesa 20.2.

Another change which was going on in the last few weeks was the move to servers. They provide VPS and other resources to FOSS projects.
We applied for resources to power our infrastructure and got approved! The guys at fosshost were really kind and helpful, shoutouts to them!
Along with this move we aquired new domains for our project. Thus our main presence resides at * (homepage was reworked as well to have a modern look) as you also might have noticed already.
We believe in open source and want to offer some of its best applications (and alternatives to proprietary services!) to the people. Thats why we added Searx, Bitwarden, BigBlueButton and Nextcloud to our offerings, found easily via or our welcome app.
Some notes concerning the Nextcloud instance: It can be used as Matrix Client for our Matrix instance and is linked to BigBlueButton. We decided to offer every user 250MB space for now. Although it might not seem much, this can be used for backing up dotiles (aka settings), contacts & calendar or notes for example. Depending on how many users actually use this we might provide more space in the future. See it as a proof-of-concept for using an open source ecosystem as alternative to proprietary ones!

As always we encourage you to visit our forum if you are experiencing problems or having questions! (There is also Telegram but we prefer the forum since it acts like a database of questions every user can access rather than a chat, also some of our team members are only active there) :grin:

For those who enjoy reading exhaustive / complete changelogs, the following is for you :yum:

- Moved our website and other services such as forum, wiki, startpage, CryptPad, PrivateBin etc. 
  to our new domain - and new servers powered by
- Updated all apps and shortcuts to point to the new domain
- You can now use Matrix to contact us if thats what you prefer. Simply create an account at to join our instance. To make things even more easy and accessible 
  you will find a room which is bridged directly to our Telegram group for quick help. 
- We decided to offer every user 250MB of space in our Nextcloud instance ( 
  This can be used to sync dotfiles, contacts, calendar or notes. This is experimental for now, 
  we want to see how many of our users choose to use this service. 
- Thanks to the guys at we are also able to provide a BigBlueButton instance, 
  found at You can also use our Nextcloud instance to create and join rooms, 
  they are linked.

- Added Cinnamon edition
- Added Mate edition
- Added BSPWM edition
- Added Recbox edition
- Added UKUI edition
- Added KDE/GNOME barebones editions (no theming, metapkgs & bare minimum of DE - 
  also we provide no support for these editions. For advanced users only)

- All Editions:
    - Now calamares creates @ @home @cache @log subvolumes by default for BTRFS installs. 
      This reduces the snapshot size so the space consumption is lowered
    - Remove systemd-guest-user to prevent issues when logging in etc, now available via 
      Garuda Welcome app
    - Replaced lightdm-gtk-greeter with lightdm-slick-greeter
    - Remove conky from lite edition and Add conky-manager to ultimate
    - Add the chaotic-keyring, chaotic-mirrorlist package to get new mirrors automatically
    - Enabled DefaultLimitNOFILE=524288 needed for Wine ESYNC feature
    - Decreased Default timeout to 30 sec from 90 sec to speedup shutdown
    - Slimmed down Lite & Ultimate editions
    - Fixed installation problem with encryption
    - Added cpu-autofreq & thermald which should result in less fan noise and much better battery life 
    - Replaced Keepassxc browser extension with Bitwarden & Joplin in Ultimate editions 
      (to use with our Nextcloud & Bitwarden)
    - Added garuda-common-settings and moved shared settings (eg. enabling services) to this package
    - Added a simple setup assistant which automatically launches during first boot which also includes upgrading Lite to Ultimate
    - Disabled annoying beep from the speakers
    - Disable Intel VPRO remote access technology driver as a security precaution.
    - Provide WhiteSur Kvantum via package & ship non-transparent config 
    - Add Alacritty font size since standart was too big on resolutions <Full HD
    - Updated patched WhiteSur-gtk theme & included the white one as well
    - Replaced flameshot with ksnip
    - Switched gdm-prime to gdm since it was causing issues during boot
    - Removed GNOME 3.38 incompatible extensions. The most important ones such as Dash to Dock 
      or Unite are already updated, missing ones + Layout switcher will be added back once updated by 
      their maintainers
- KDE:
    - Replaced flameshot with spectacle

- Garuda-hooks:
    - Add a hook to remove systemd from nsswitch.conf to fix boot delays and fix network problems
    - Added automatic fixing of Pamac icons not showing
- Garuda-browser-settings:
    - Browsers now use our own startpage
- Garuda-Welcome:
    - Added settings to enable printing, scanning and samba support and rightclick emulation for Lite editions
    - Added links to our webservices
    - Visual polishing
- Garuda-settings-manager
    - Hidden the nobody user
    - Change kernel name to package instead of version
- Garuda-boot-options
    - Added option to set sysrq
    - Added option to set mitigations=off

Notable application updates:
    - GNOME 3.38
    - Plasma 5.19.5
    - Firefox 81
    - Mesa 20.2

If you have problems downloading use wget link to get the iso.
Checksums & pkglists can be found here (for KDE its in the KDE/lite/201007 folders for example)

Download Ultimate
Download Lite
Download Barebones

Live user/password (if needed) is always garuda/garuda :exclamation:


I haven't read the whole ad yet, but I have a question.
What did the garuda Linux deepin ultimate Do you stop the flatpaks?

You can install flatpak support via setup assistant, if thats what you want :thinking:


I don't know if it's the translator that translates badly or if it's something else
What I was asking was if the problem of flatpaks crashing the system, if it's already been solved

If you're talking about flatpaks crashing the solution should be fairly simple. Use a DE other than Deepin. If you're using Deepin you're going to experience plenty of bugs. It's just that simple.


This is fantastic! I had been looking forward to the new release. Downloading the wayfire edition now!


Hello @tbg I was planning to install Deepin for a person that already have Deeping 15 but it flickers his screen on the browsers, that was the only issue with the original Deepin 15 I installed her about one year ago, she loves Deepin. What would you suggest if Deepin has "plenty of bugs"?

By the way all you are amazing, how can manage and fund all that nice stuff and offer it for free? :astonished: Are you providing the hosted service for all these stuff?:

I was looking for a true secure alternative to Zoom, is this the way to go? How many people can attend a meeting?

Regards and I wish your team a great success!


As written in the release notes, we are getting hosted by the guys at, a really great project. Due to them we are able to offer these right now since the software used is FOSS. :blush:

This is indeed a good alternative and its open source of course. Thats what the BBB FAQ says:
As a rule of thumb, if your BigBlueButton server meets the minimum requirements, the server should be able to support 150 simultaneous users, such as 3 simultaneous sessions of 50 users, 6 x 25, etc.
We recommend no single sessions exceed one hundred (100) users.

Since we meet the requirements this should be the amount of users :slight_smile:


Thanks @dr460nf1r3 I am curious, are you using a special out of the box application to run all those services of Garuda Start page on servers or it is a custom made application?

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Its a docker-compose setup which proxies containers via NGINX so its not exactly OOTB, rather a handwritten config file. Once done, the setup can easily be deployed with docker-compose up on every machine running docker (almost every distro) :smile:


Version 20 has had it's share of problems. You might do well to wait a few months and maybe things will improve. The people who know how to troubleshoot their own issues might be OK on Deepin in its current state. If your friend isn't into learning how to fix issues him/herself then maybe take a pass on Deepin for a while,

The other thing is if you were used to and liked the styling of Deepin 15 it has been radically changed. Many people who loved v15 do not like the changes that were introduced in v20. I don't know what to say. It's hard to advise on which desktops to use as its a very personal matter of tastes.


Thanks a lot for your recommendations, this person is an old Windows user, and does not know anything of Linux, I will look for a Deepin 20 video review so she will look at it and make her own decision, I do not want complains, much less for a free work on my part. Appreciated.


Just installed the new Golden Eagle KDE Lite version this morning. It looks great and I love all the new enhancements. I found no issues on the install everything was problem free.

Great job with the new release guys.


:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: thank you... have been waiting for this news... didn't expect it would come this soon.... you got a permanent member :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Great news! For a hundred years :star_struck:


ok i installed the barebone kde... and one thing that annoyed me is conky showing false ram reading.... switching to kde lite

Well its probably missing some app, thats why its called barebones :crazy_face:


We had agreed no support for barebones. !!! :wink: :slight_smile:


@SGS @dr460nf1r3 i know.... :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: kde lite is better :joy::joy::joy::joy: rofl

barebome is little bit slower then kde lite​:joy::joy::joy: