Garuda Image

I absolutely love the fact that this is named Garuda. But the image shown in the main page is not that of a Garuda. A garuda has white portions in the head and the neck, up to the belly...

It would be awesome if you could replace the image with that of a flying Garuda!

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Garud == eagle

And eagle has many subspecies


You are talking about Bald Eagle, I guess.

But the one we have on Homepage is Golden Eagle

Both of them are different species of Eagle.


I almost hate to say it: The eagle is almost the only thing I don't like about Garuda.

I decided to try Garuda because of the amazing artwork. The Dra46onized desktop is the most beautiful I ever saw.
I decided to stick with this distribution because it so well put together, so well thought through and so well optimized that it is pure pleasure to work with it (No, gaming is absolutely not my cup of tea).

But the eagle, to me, it looks too serious, even kind of mean, almost evil. I personally would prefer a friendlier, cuter mascot.
I hope, I don't offend the person who created it.

Well, Eagles aren't evil, imho.

They represent strength and we like it.
Also, national bird of America is Bald Eagle.

It is not mean to people who can control it.


Species in general are never mean or evil - these are human categories. I'm fully aware of that.
I can perfectly live with it, just a stupid comment of mine ...


I live in Canada. The Bald Eagle is a majestic bird that lives in many of the trees near my home. They will often perch on the trees on my property. You could not ask for a more beautiful bird to frequent your home area.

Although the white swans that overwinter on the lake here are also very beautiful as well. Both are graceful and beautiful creatures. Eagles just happen to have a different diet than the swan. That does not make the Eagle mean, or evil. Nature is that way, each species has it's niche in the ecosystem. Both are extremely beautiful birds and I feel privileged to have them both living in my local environs.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Very, very true. However, I probably expressed myself poorly:
I don't dislike eagles at all in general. They are truly amazing birds, aside from being symbols for the Roman and German Empire, Austria, Prussia, the USA, Russia etc...

I just meant, again please, said with all respect for the creator for doing an artwork I never could have done, just the particular Garuda Eagle.

It just doesn't look very cheerful and happy, a characteristic it shares with this one:

memory from childhood...

The name Garuda ( and the image ) remind me of Vishnu's Vahana or Mount.



Apart from the fact that "our" eagle is not a comic figure, tell these eagles to look friendly into the camera.
I don't do it :smiley:


There was one video where the guy told that the eagle looks "way too busy" :joy: remembering that now, he was right :rofl:


Everybody thinking the bald eagle looks menacing until they meet one of these f*ckers:

And I quote:
"The researchers found that 79% of the harpy's prey was accounted for by sloths [...]. Monkeys (are) regularly taken. [...] Other partially arboreal and even land mammals are also preyed on given the opportunity, including porcupines, squirrels, opossums, anteaters, armadillos, and even relatively large carnivores such as kinkajous, coatis, and tayras.[...] The eagle may also attack bird species such as macaws. [...] (It) has been recorded as taking domestic livestock, including chickens, lambs, goats, and young pigs, but this is extremely rare under normal circumstances."


OK, got it! In the end, they are birds of prey and I perfectly understand that you didn't want a chicken or a hummingbird as sigil. I'm just more into friendly, happy and peaceful stuff, not into grim, angry and dangerous. :heart: :sunflower: :peace_symbol: :kiss:

But that's just me and I understand the appeal, especially to gamers and hackers. :hammer: :crossed_swords: :axe:

However, there is lots of artwork of yours in the showcase, I absolutely adore. :heart_eyes:


The Harpy Eagle is certainly a fearsome beast but is the poor animal in the photo shackled? How mean is that?


Better :wink:



I have no idea, I just used that photo for scale of how big it is.

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You're a sweety! :kiss:
I wish, I had your level of craftsmanship and artistry.

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That's a baby! :heart_eyes:

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I'm starting to think all eagles look serious no matter what...