Garuda Homepage

Hello guyssss how're you?!
I would like to give a small feedback about the Garuda Home Page.
Honestly, I really don't like that eagle that much and overall the entire homepage.
Under a marketing sight, even if I surfed that homepage several times in the last days, it always confuse me when I see that eagle driving me to think it's not the Garuda Website.
As that header is the first thing you see when surfing the homepage, as my opinion, it should be a banner giving all the primary informations.
It doesen't look a Linux Distro or a Computer Industry website.
It's just my opinion, probably would be great create a contest on the community for the design of the banner.
What you think?

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I love the homepage as is, sorry you feel that way.


Can you please elaborate on which eagle and banner you mean?
By the way, I don't believe in constantly changing the homepage. :slight_smile:
The primary data are also on the homepage.
The eagle belongs to Garuda, even if you don't like it.

So there won't be a competition either :slight_smile:

How are your skills with regard to Sway?


I am totally confused how eagle pic in home page made you think it's not garuda official website
Had how removing it can solve your confusion

Hey @SGS
I wanted to say sorry about that Hitler meme
Sorry I went too far


The eagle is the mascot.

Naman mentioned in this post that the name "Garuda" is specifically meant as the word for "eagle" in Hindi or Marathi, and not Garuda Devta. I would have never known any of that if it weren't explicitly explained, but perhaps for folks who speak those languages the eagle image would make this distinction apparent.

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Hey my friend, who are you to tell me that I'm under drug?
Moderate your words and I even don't have to answer to you.
what I mean is the attached one

I know the Eagle belong to the Garuda, but (AND IT WAS JUST MY SUGGESTION), probably making a banner with the Eagle Logo and some quickly eye-catching information.
Anyway, if all feedbacks ends like that, it will be the first and last.
Please close the topic as it looks a really bad idea lol
Thanks to anybody and sorry for losing your time

Between you and me, if you had read all the posts here since the start, you would know how few read the text.

Most want to see videos or pictures, text is unimportant, which you can also see when newcomers to the forum ask a question without reading the template.

Oh yes, it doesn't have to be like with i3wm, the main thing is that upload and download are displayed in the bar. :slight_smile:



EDIT: Upon the advice from a cooler head than mine, I am revising this post. All is said and done.

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