Why an Eagle?

The background of the day was an Eagle (see picture), and then I asked me the question, why chosing an Eagle as the OS "Mascot"? Many Hardware or OS uses fruits, like; Apple, Blueberry, Raspberry, Mint, etc...
I don't complain about the logo, I was just wondering, why an Eagle.


I believe this is why. Eagles are thought the king of birds, so... :grin:

EDIT - there's plenty of Eagle symbolism, too - worldwide -Eagle Symbolism & Eagle Meaning | Eagle Spirit Animal Guidance

I personally identify with the 'freedom' of GNU/Linux and Garuda in particular. In these times, one can't be too careful or too concerned with privacy.


The only reference I see is that Garuda has an eagle-like beak. Btw, I've never seen a Garuda without Vishnu. It's like Ganesha without a trunk :wink:

Apart from that, nobody here will have any reference to the Mahabharata epic, with the exception of our Indian friends :smiley:

Weshalb nennen Eltern ihr Kind Peter, Paul...
weil sie den Namen schön finden :smiley:

Why do parents call their child Peter, Paul ...
because they think the name is beautiful :smiley:


Ahh, there are some os named after animals too, like Lion OS or after bird like Parrot OS. We like Eagles, called Garuda in India and most of South Asia.

Also, eagles are most powerful among birds and are endowed with natural beauty. Eagles are favorite bird of most of Americans too, and it is national bird of America.
Also, we love Eagles and we have are OS named after it.



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