Garuda Gnome installation fail

I am trying to install Garuda Gnome on an older PC. (Dell Optiplex 790 SFF, 8GB RAM and new SSD).
The install proceeds as expected and takes me to the logon screen (no restart requested) at the end.
I enter my password but it is not recognised.

If I restart the PC the OS has not been correctly installed and it won't boot. I formatted the drive with Gparted and tried again but got the same results. The PC works fine with Windows 10 I installed after the failure of the Linux install.

Only a new at using Linux and I cannot find any useable solutions on line.
Help would be appreciated, Thanks.

From the Garude Wiki:
If you want to dual-boot with Windows, please don't. If you still want to, check this unofficial guide on dual-booting Garuda and Windows 10, but be aware that we do not provide official support for dual-booting.

Try the link. Welcome to the forum.


Hi there!
Could you please be more precise here:

Error messages? Just black screen?
In the latter case, could you please try to press ESC, to check possibile error messages?
Please provide also your detailed specs, from live USB, with the results of
inxi -Fza
Formatted with 3 ~ before and after the text block.


This should not be. At all. Where and how are you installing Garuda? Where did you get the ISO and how old is it? Did you verify the checksum? How did you burn the ISO?

You didn't happen to mention any of that, so I thought I might. :slight_smile:


Hi there, welcome to the community.

I am guessing that you might be seeing a screensaver. And your installation might be incomplete before you restarted.

So, use "garuda" as password and login.


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