Garuda deleted changes

When I restart system all my changes of browsers and other programs are deleted. How I can fix it ? I use Garuda KDE Dr460nized Gaming. I have new laptop with GTX 1650 and Amd Ryzen

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The live installer environment is not persistent and will "reset" each time you reboot. There is nothing to fix.


what system do you have did you install it ???????

This will also happen if you are using a "Guest" account instead of a normal user account.


this is just a guess on your part
let him answer

what am I doing wrong ^^ why does it all work for me as it should

clear a few adjustments here and there are already necessary but that should not deter anyone

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I install Garuda on real disk

Thx for answer. Its true, I dont use normal user acc. Meybe it will help

When the user provides little info to go on, our "best guess" is mostly all we can provide for any user. Remote assistance is very difficult when you are not sitting directly in front of the computer. Oftentimes a "best guess" is all you can offer, It's simply the nature of the beast. If we waited for users to provide all the required info to determine the exact cause, then rarely would anything get solved in less than a week. :wink:



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thats true the same talking we had today on work
i explainded something and i said better show you on computer and you will see ^^
when garuda had in min 192 staats a live support with homeoffice ^^

This is my first time when I use gnu/linux forum. What informations i can tell soon ?

Its work, thx for your help


You're very welcome, enjoy Garuda. :+1:


if you have a question i will help you everybody wants a terminal output
but i wanna help only from your talk *arrogant LOOOOOOOOOL

:crazy_face: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :upside_down_face:

This topic has already been solved.

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