Garuda branding vector graphics

Hello, fellow Garudians,
I've been an enjoyer of this beautiful distro for a couple of years now, and while I really like most of its wallpapers and graphics, I noticed there is not much consistency with Garuda's branding, but that's not the issue here.
I'm sure a lot of users here, like myself, have some experience with vector graphics and would really love to make garuda-branded wallpapers/icons and stuff, but I can't seem to find any official garuda SVG logos (like the eagle logo of the forums, the icon logo of FireDragon, the dragonized grub dragon wallpaper). It would be cool to have some kind of link/page on this forums with all the official logos / brands so that people like me can easily create new graphics without having to trace or create abominations.

tl;dr: please put all vector files of garuda's logos in one easy to find place so that people can make cool wallpapers and not ugly blender renders.

Welcome in the forums :slight_smile:

The .svg are all in gitlab.
If you had used the forum search

You can find the grub dragon on the internet, I modified this one and put it in my wallpapers.


Hi, thank you for the reply, I did already search in the forums and I did manage to find some of the svg files in the gitlab, mostly in the icon pack. It would be more convenient to have a general branding folder on the gitlab with the 'official' svg default logos just for consistency and ease of use is what I meant in my post.
Anyways I could not find any svg of the grub dragon anywhere ( I searched on tineye and google images ).

Basically, having an easily downloadable toolkit for general artwork creation I think would boost community input on the matter. It's just a suggestion.

That's not an official Garuda logo or icon or Firedragon logo or Dr460nized KDE logo.
That's just my artwork.

I just realize that this link (deleted) does not apply.

You're right, a list or something similar would not be bad.
Let's see if someone has time and desire to do so.
You could make the beginning. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I'll try and take a spin on the plymouth theme and grub theme for starters, maybe a couple of wallpapers too. And while I do that, I'll most probably end up creating a folder with all the basic logos/artworks svgs.

I can't understand what you're trying to say, maybe I'm not able to read through your sarcasm.


Same :smiley: simply ignore it. It felt like reading a stroke.


I agree !
I could not either .
So i recreated it


Not really related to this specific topic, but regarding artwork I just made a PR adding a garuda_small logo variant for fastfetch: Add Garuda small variant by VitoFe · Pull Request #302 · LinusDierheimer/fastfetch · GitHub

Could you please share the vector file? <3

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All this path stuff is not my world, but it seems to be, everything is on your computer.


So I managed to get all the needed logos for artworks, but a lot of the svgs have residual metadata from inkscape which makes them incompatible with some tools (cairosvg namely), so I'm stripping them down to just the needed bits so that they are more clean. Also, as SGS mentioned in the last post, there is a lot of redundancy in the logos in the distro repos which could maybe be handled differently. For example a script could be made that renders all colored versions from the one original base svg, and the same thing could be done for rendering scaled versions.

My first artwork regarding Garuda has been published, it's a variant of the current plymouth theme, which I find to be more consistent with the overall dr460nized aesthetic and more in line with the splash animation.
This is the repo for that if you are interested: Vito F / plymouth-theme-dr460nized-sweet · GitLab


It's a pity that you're only now hitting the forum with your suggestions for improvement, we could have used them well when Garuda was under construction a couple of years ago. *

Garuda branding is the eagle head and the and the stylized "G".
I'm sure it will stay that way.

The dragon you seem to like so much has nothing to do with Garuda. As I have mentioned before. Garuda branding vector graphics - #4 by SGS
It is the logo/icon of dr460nf1r3, and he marks his works with it.

I did not work for this software, so sorry.

Can you explain what you mean by that and where I wrote that?

Again sorry, I am not a programmer, but feel free to do.

You wrote on gitlab
" The dr460nized logo, which was used as a base to make the logo_template.svg file is made and owned by Garuda Linux Copyright (C) 2022"
which is unfortunately wrong. As I wrote here 15 days ago, this is my creation.
The transition from Garuda, to me as a co-founder, is fluid and may not be understood by outsiders, but it exists. :wink:

*Just a reminder. :slight_smile:


My primary workstation was my custom arch install which run without systemd, so I never thought about contributing until it became my main distro.

Everything is clear now.

In inkscape you can either export in svg with inkscape tags included, or there is an option to export a clean svg, which is more compatible with common svg tools (cairosvg was just an example since is the most common python tool for handling svg files, but inkscape tags usually are not taken into account by most svg parsers).

I'm sorry, you did not write that, you are right. I was referring to you quoting the various garuda-#color.svg files which all have the same paths and only different colors, that I considered redundant (but I was surely exaggerating).

Will do.

I corrected the copyright notice, thanks for the info and sorry.

With all the information I gathered I think I can proceed and create said toolkit with all the right copyright info and a couple of scripts to generate (at least most of) the different variations.


So, I wrote a script to automatically render the various color versions of the eagle head icon you made and came across the white one
I was wondering, was it intended for the white one to have just plain fills instead of gradient fills?

I'm asking this just because it seems like the only one made like this, and I kinda also like this version better than the gradient filled ones. Since the icons are usually displayed very small, the gradient is unnoticeable anyways. So just for fun I tested overlaying colors over the white one and using it as a template for the others, and the results look pretty cool.

Examples without gradients (auto-generated):
garuda-blue garuda-orange garuda-red garuda-green garuda-white garuda-pink garuda-purple garuda-frost garuda-gray garuda-yellow

What do you think?


I don't think it's bad. :slight_smile: I would change something on the beak.
But the special thing about the origami eagle head, so the special kick, is just the color gradient :smiley: .

You would have to test if it makes any difference at all in small renderings.
For smaller representations, I have developed the Garuda G.
The Devoloper then take what suits them :slight_smile:


I edited the paths a little, to make the beak look better and re-rendered and updated the examples in the previous post

I think they look good! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a bit of an untrained eye, but the regular one (with gradients?) does look more interesting I think.


Still, the flexibility to add any color is great. You could have an icon that matches any theme, even if the theme uses unusual colors.


I'll try to make a gradient template and see if I can get close to the original. I was already experimenting with that, but I'll be back when I have some decent renders.


Can I ask why you are re inventing the wheel :smiley:

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Rounder, smoooother. You know--more wheel-like.


Instead of

use the original :slight_smile:

It's good if you look for simplifications for the future and offer alternatives.

Maybe you could publish the announced simplifications beforehand. :slight_smile:

Who likes it, can then make use of it.

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