Hi I permanently want to switch from windows 10 to garuda linux i have used it in dual boot so i have a good knowledge on arch and debian linux so the main issue i have is i have not found any solution to completely install epic games gta 5 on it this is the only reason i am still on windows as i love gta 5 so if any one knows a to z part of installing epic games gta 5 not steam please help me

Well I installed gta v from epic on garuda last week
And there was no problem in running it and it works very smooth.

Do this download the game from heroic games launcher

After that open lutris and run the gtav wine script it will create an wine prefix with everything you need gta v to run

After than in heroic games laucher settings select the lutris wine as default wine to launch gtav

And start the game from heroic games launcher


hi thanks for the reply but will not get an error about rockstar launcher didn't u get any similiar error cause i got an error saying please verify ownership thank you

Just start the game from heroic launcher

And not from desktop icon.


thank you so much

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