Gaming ¨edition¨?

I have garuda xfce, and i wonder if there is a guide i can use to better implement gaming. I also wonder if there is any sort of ¨gaming¨ edition, even if it is not official.
Also, if you suggest me to switch to other ¨flavor¨ of garuda, i would like to know if it is possible to ¨roll¨ it, instead of having to reinstall everything.
Thank you for the help and patience.

Maybe check this

Yes, of course: The Dr460nized gaming edition.
Nothing for xfce, but I guess that installing/using the garuda-gamer would help a lot.

Technically possible but absolutely discouraged.


OK, then, is there a script/utility that i can use to move/merge my current user files into a new garuda? will i have to do that manually again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Backup your files and restore them on the new system. Be very careful to not mix up configuration files which are DE specific.

The gaming edition of garuda is basically preinstalled software that can be browsed in garuda-gamer. You prolly won’t need them all so it’s better to just use what you want. Like wine for windows software, heroic launcher for same reasons (handling wine prefixes and stuff). Steam for more games. Other than that for controllers you can look up the forum for software you need.

As filo mentioned it’s discouraged. You can check this out.

A more complex guide involving refind. (both guides written by same person)

finally found the post regarding the controller,

Yes yes, i have done that, i have been using linux for quite some time, and garuda xfce for over a year now, but i was still using windows for gaming (except minecraft and a few others, plus emulators). I decided to fully move to garuda, but i have not used it for serious gaming before. I was asking for any utility or scripts, because, well, you understand what i am talking about :slight_smile:
Thank you for the help.

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Interesting, i will have to study them. Thank you.

Then, User, help thine self. There’s FAQs, forum searches, etc. Plus each edition’s helper scripts will help you install whatever your gaming needs. And, wow, looky here! Gaming on Garuda | Garuda Linux wiki just like @filo posted.

Yeah, i really need to start using wikis more :S
Again, thank you all for the help.

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