Game takes time to load?

Today I tried running NFS Payback using Lutris wine and prefix, and it finally ran.
But the issue is I takes time to load the game. I noticed that when I drive through
The same location in the game, there is no issue, but as I travel to new places the games starts lagging and takes time to load.
Does anyone have some suggestions on this?

Are you running this from a SSD or Spinning Rust?

From HDD, but the game runs perfectly fine in Windows.
Actually I have pointed out the executable file of the game, which is already installed in the Windows partition.

“But xxx runs perfectly fine in Windows,” is considered cursing in most Linux forums, Austin. I thought we were raising you better than that. Tsk.


I was just wondering if this was normal, I have heard people saying their games work better in Linux than Windows, I had this same issue when I installed GTA in Garuda using Heroic Launcher.
Everything was fine, just the game was taking time to load.

If you remember this post The Ultimate guide to install 'Epic Games GTA 5' using Heroic Launcher in any Linux Distro, some people had mentioned that GTA worked perfectly fine in their PCs.

One thing I want to tell ya, is I am not going to start gaming now, (just for future purposes)
These days I am just trying to work out how can I completely cut off my dependence on Windows.
Now I have some idea how to make windows games run in Linux, I just have to make it perfect cause these are games which I found out from the Web that work equally at par with Windows, and may be even better.

There is one other thing which is hindering me: MS Office (Our school curriculums are completely based on MS Office)!
Is there a way to install Office 365 in Linux? :sweat_smile:

I never really use Windows, except these instances when I want to use Office,
and now a days I don't game too.

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Microsoft 365 (formerly called Office 365) is cloud-based. “Office” 365 is now what you physically install on your HDD. Which is it?

EDIT: To make matters more confusing, Microsoft has changed the product names at least twice.



Have you tried with the game on a native Linux filesystem?


@Austin , many of us have traveled that path & a few others too. Many versions of DOS, OS/2, Apple, etc. you get the picture. Trust me when I say that the world does not revolve around Win, Mac, or corporate os something or other. It may seem that way, but you're standing in Tux country and it's thriving with life from the top 500 supercomputers in the world to your own PC. Life will not be held back. It evolves like linux. MSoffice set a standard true, however, linux offers many alternatives to Office. Many read & write office files. Games? Evolving with the times like the Lutris project. GOG, etc. Some of those programs from Windows can & do run under linux. Keep looking. Read forums, wikis, asking those questions and then you will be independent from the Window mire. I have cut all ties with it, just as you will too. Don't doubt Linux. The sky is the limit. Okay, with Linux, maybe not. :wink:


GTA 5 was installed on BTRFS,
Maybe I can conclude that, it is due to my laptop's not so powerful hardware?

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If it runs fine under Windows on the same machine then it's not the hardware itself at fault. It could be down to the WINE or Proton implementation though - features are regularly added to help game performance, so newer games tend to perform better with newer versions of WINE/Proton.


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