Frozen but mouse moves. i can see my important work but can't do anything

[FIXED] KDE becomes unresponsive but mouse can still move i have read this and tried to read man system-ctl and please for the love of god I just want to restart or unfuck my hung desktop. In cinniman you just type r in tty and it gracefully restarts without loosing or crashing user programs. I have have tried ungodly amounts of commands half of which tell me qt could not initialize the other half say seemly random shit. The desktop crashes for me once a week and I have to spend either 1 minute typing “killall kwin_x11” or give up after spent hours trying to actually use my computer. I thought an update or something fixed it recently cause it didn’t happen for a while but now I have a hung desktop and important shit open. I am in tty and on my phone researching the bowels of the linux ecosystem and shitty forums trying to unfuck my machine.

Can you boot from the last working snapshot?
Post the needed garuda-inxi, please.

@anon2828226 did you ask to anonymize your account, or is this a fun account for you?

Please express yourself more carefully, even if you are frustrated.

No I have an important program open. Idk why my name is anon I logged in through gitlab or somethimg. I am running commands though tty so inxi scrolls past at mach 5 and nothing can be read let alone copied onto my phone. Apparently scrolling has been removed since kernal 5.9

Please, change later you nick or tell what you like, ananonxyz is crazy :wink:

Do you use cinnamon?
Did you update and the problem start?

I am looking at htop in tty which is kinda anoying to use without mouse support and nothing appears hung or messed up that I as a naive user can see.

A second mouse you can use to test?
Check cable, use other USB port, wireless, check interference source transmitter.

The mouse still works in the frozen desktop so i think that is just a limitation of tty.

Oh, sorry, my fault. :man_facepalming:

You cant save your work or data?

I am stupid and forget to do that always.

No i am sorry not currently using cinnamon but might switch since KDe does not appear to aggree with having safe desktop restarting functionaloty. I am on KDE with a amd graphics and an intel 6700k. Also the desktop often (and also in this case) will freeze while moving firefox/firedragon windows around.

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Without inxi its …

Laptop or Desktop PC?

garuda-inxi |grep temp

I am trying figure out how to send the output of inxi to a text file and them read it with a terminal based text reader. Desktop with two monitors on x11.


garuda-inxi | grep 'total\|available'

For |grep temp it said 55 amdgpu, cpu 44 cpu
For storage it said boot_image=/@/boot/vmlinuz-linux-zen
Api: OpenGL Message: unavailable in console
Local storage total: 2.27 TiB used: 23.04 GiB (1.0%)
Processes: 359 Uptime 7d 5h 33m wakeups: 0 Memory: Total: 32 GiB available: 31.3 GiB

I can’t think of anything else.
I use KDE on three computers, some of them with inferior hardware, and I don’t have this problem.
If nothing can be seen in htop either???
If someone could help, which programme are you using where you can’t save the data?

R stats and Firedragon. Have like 250 tabs some of which are very hard to refind if it didn’t save them. R was in the background with a 16 mb file open.

Imma kill it. Firefox/firedragon really seems to not like being moved around with many tabs open and kde plasma is just really fucked up in terms of safe restarting ability.

If you still have the network up you can pipe to termbin.

garuda-inxi | nc 9999

Try restarting the systemd user service.

systemctl --user restart plasma-plasmashell
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restarted my machine and everything saved properly (:
I had network I assume and was actually going to do that but with a different website, but honestly if one can’t restart the desktop what is one to do?
I have a while ago turned off a bunch of desktop animations/compositing fanciness because i think it doesn’t help the whole thing with moving windows around crashing the desktop and it seemed to reduce crashes but do you know of anything specifically in that direction that i could do?