Fixing plasmashell and I've created an abomination

I am currently working on a personal project of mine which is pretty much installing multiple Garuda Linux desktop environments on the same user with the same home directory. It’s actually been relatively successful, until plasmashell crashed everytime I opened KDE. Anyways, I am not looking for assistance (why I wanted to share this in community). I just wanted to share the melded abomination of Hyprland and KDE Plasma:

I ended up solving the issue by reinstalling Qt and redoing its config files, for anybody else that is doing something similar. In retrospect, it probably would be easier just to have separate users, but I like the convenience. Just thought it was kind of funny to look at :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, this is basically why Garuda does not recommend these types of installations. Nice to see you managed to fix things up yourself and did not expect the community to correct the mess you created. :+1:


In retrospect install fresh copies of the ISO for each desktop.

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Ohh… then I am not dreaming :sweat_smile:

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I do actually think that these types of installations are possible, considering that the garuda-<desktop>-settings packages mostly change the /etc/skel directory, meaning theoretically you can combine them into a single garuda-settings package that has centralized settings for all desktops. In the future I would like to work on this more. So far, I’ve managed to get 4 desktop environments to work under the same user, on the same installation (KDE, Hyprland, Sway, i3). There are some conflicts between theming, as to be expected, but I think it would be interesting.

Sure they’re possible, we simply neither recommend nor support these types of installations. The main problem is that newbs don’t necessarily understand how to manage them without creating problems for themselves. Where it really becomes problematic is when providing support on the forum. Users rarely tell assistants up front when opening help requests that they have a non-standard multi-desktop installation.

This can lead to tons of wasted support time when trying to troubleshoot some quirky problem that there is no apparent cause for. Then 50 posts down the road the user finally informs assistants trying to help them that they’ve installed different desktops that don’t play well together.

If you’ve never provided support online before you truly can’t appreciate how maddening this can be. :confounded: