FireDragon is running out of disk space

FireDragon is working mostly fine, but there are still 2 problems bugging me.

First, I regularly get this message at the top: "FireDragon is running out of disk space." My root partition has 172GB free. I'd think it would already be posted on the forum, but searching it returns nothing. Am I the only one having that problem?

Another problem is that YouTube videos do not always play. Sometimes they hang without loading. FireFox has the same problem; but opening it in Chrome plays it right away.

My inxi

If you have seperated your /home partition, /home may be running out of space.

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This is eventually due to psd? Turn it off via systemctl --user disable --now psd and retry. This service puts the entire profile directory into RAM, so actual disk space means nothing here.


and I have 16GB of RAM. Why haven't others reported this issue?

Please post actual garuda-inxi.
How are we supposed to know?
Check on your computer which apps are using up your memory.
E.g. with htop in the terminal. (Baloo?)


Did you try searching in the forum? It does come up from time to time, most recently here: Profile sync daemon breaks browsers


As for the other problem, some people say that disable hardware acceleration helps in some cases

Not ideal though; other option is for me to copy/paste the URL into SMPlayer when that happens.

ah ya I didn't update the inxi but the problem has been happening for a long while, so applies to that inxi version. But ya I should remember to update it.

And yes I did try searching, and found nothing with "FireDragon is running out of disk space"; but the next person who does will.

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