Firedragon is broken after floorp/firefox esr update

Websites that don’t work after update:
canvas (us university)
reddit (search bar, loading content after scrolling to end)
real estate websites (search bar, maps won’t load)
any paid streaming site
youtube (slow af after update)
about every other site I try to visit won’t load or can’t function at the basic level

ALL of these worked when firedragon was based on librewolf.

ALL of these work on floorp and librewolf.

is it just me?

forums haven’t offered much.

really just looking for an alternative with the same features

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
Please always provide your garuda-inxi, as required in the topic template.
For this specific issue, have you tried to follow the troubleshooting steps here?


Yep, inxi please.

Part of the problems are likely related to anti-fingerprinting settings, check if there’s a popup or a little icon left of the address bar to give consent to canvas, also there is an about:config setting privacy.resistFingerprinting.exemptedDomains.

YouTube slowness may have to do with GPU acceleration, check in about:support for “Blocklisted” / “Cannot be enabled in release or beta” (under the “Graphics” section).

Firedragon doesn't render some websites properly


Making a new profile worked (I don’t know what it does that fixed it. maybe reset some settings? ). Thank you!


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