New Firedragon major version


If you have some issues with Firedragon, follow these steps, remember each result and if the problem persists plz post all your results along with the issue.

  • Close the browser before anything else
  • Create a new Profile by opening Terminal and typing firedragon -P then creating a new Profile and launching from it to test your issue
  • If the issue persists, rename /usr/lib/firedragon/firedraon.cfg and ~/.firedragon/[YOUR_PROFILE]/firedragon.overrides.cfg to something else and relaunch Firedragon. The UI will look quite different (if not, you got file corruption) then test your issue. If the issue is gone, here are some Tips on how to find the setting in firedragon.cfg that causes it:
    ** Instead of changing every setting one by one, delete an entire Category or Section. Then relaunch. If nothing changes, bring back the settings and perform the same action on the next Category/Section. Once it does change something, then you know for sure it’s 1 or multiple settings part of that Category/Settings. This method will save you huge amount of time.
  • Change your User Agent to something different (it’s in the UI, Settings pane) and validate it did change here before you test your issue

If after all these steps you still get the same issue, then it is not Firedragon related and you should open a different Help Request.

If you stop getting the issue at one of those steps, plz provide details.

Firedragon is in essence “not a browser”. Yes that’s silly! :rofl: In reality it’s one single file (/usr/lib/firedragon/firedragon.cfg). The very most of what makes Firedragon Firedragon is found in this file. This is why testing without the file at all is a good indication of next steps.