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Hey guys, I've been investigating Linux distros for a while and decided to install Garuda. My biggest challenge was switching from Windows .NET programming in Visual Studio into doing cross-platform development under Linux. The combination of .NET Core + Rider IDE + Avalonia UI is going to work great; now need to port my own apps... (haven't been successful at running .NET Core WPF apps under WINE)

Now my questions about Garuda

  1. If my computer runs 24/7 with some small app running in the background, what power consumption difference can I expect between Windows 10 and Garuda Linux? and heat-generation and noise overall. I know Linux isn't the best in regards to power saving.

  2. It is a performance-oriented distro, but looking at file system benchmarks, Btrfs takes a performance hit compared to more traditional file systems. Is Garuda mitigating this in any way, or how much impact does it have in real life? There's also the option of storing system files in a Btrfs partition and store other files in a separate partition. Other than easier system restore, are there other benefits to Btrfs?

  3. I've seen many people complain about UI hangs and crashes related to Latte. Playing around quickly, I myself saw Firedragon close/crash while it visually got stuck into the background with no way of removing it, and some window losing its title bar, among other quirks. Is there work in progress to solve these instability issues or we'll just have to live with it?

  4. In terms of benchmark, Garuda apps are snappier. I've also seen game benchmarks of Manjaro vs Garuda, and Garuda was falling slightly behind in spite of its optimizations. What is causing it to fall behind there?

People say Garuda is a bit unstable, and I was looking at the forum to see what kind of issues people are having and what needs to be done to fix them. It doesn't seem too bad.

Looking forward to explore all this more! (once I can port some of my apps..)

BTW need some color theme like Breeze Light but with dark titlebar, for those who want white theme and black system bar. I had to do a lot of manual tweaking to get there.


It would be hard to tell objectively. Each system will behave different running under Windows, same as under any Linux variant, and depending on which some small app running in the background etc.
With Garuda, you get the option of choosing between a perofromance-tweaks package and a powersave-tweaks one. I can say that would make a significant difference because my cores, for example, get tuned all the way down to 400MHz on powersave, while they get up to 3000s with performance.

I’m not sure there is a significant difference at all, and if there is the benefits of the easy restores far outweigh the cost.

Either you live with it, or you do some work to solve the issue. There are no shortcuts. Read the guidelines on how to open a support request/bug report and what you should try before opening one:

Hope some of this is helpful!


Why you ask if you know?

Define many.
5 from XX,000 is many?

I only trust statistics that I have falsified myself. :slight_smile:

Me too :slight_smile:


What we do is improve responsiveness under load.

It is true that some of our tweaks can cause adverse effect on some hardware.
But that’s minority.

What you should worry is how it behaves on your system.

Rather than some random benchmark on the system that is not yours


Please note this is only my personal opinion don't be offended if you don't agree,

As a user on modest hardware Garuda is very stable for me its fast and responsive, some complain about the latte panel but again not here. The thing is some users latch on to a bug and never let go even years after it was fixed, or like yourself read into problems that are not their many complaints about all distros are unfounded, nobody can test out a distro in Vb or sticking it on bare metal for 10 mins it takes months to test out 100%


Out of curiosity, has anyone here run benchmarks to compare?

One thing that turns me off with all these reviews and videos about Garuda; as you say, they put it out in 10 minutes, talk about the pretty UI, superficial details, and wrap it up. I saw one article going more in-depth about technical pros and cons. I haven't seen more useful videos.

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I run the benchmarks, sometimes on my machine. Geekbench. It was roughly couple of months ago.
Linux-zen outperformed Linux-LTS 4% on Garuda Linux.
Garuda Linux outperformed Ubuntu and Mint by around 5% , IIRC.
I didn't run geekbench on windows, because I just don't want to purchase a crap os for the sake of benchmarks.

But Garuda with Zen kernel was winner over most of the other distros.




Without information about the benchmark and benchmarked systems: no idea.

(But also keep in mind that ~5FPS is an error margin)

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There is a lot going on here but a lot of that is bunk. Garuda is performance based so the clocking of your CPU will be aggressive but you can just tune that with cpupower.

As for the UI it sounds like you're talking about KDE issues, use XFCE and forego that flashy stuff.

Really there is no stability issues I've seen but it sounds like you're coming into this with a lot of preconceived notions and in the end use case has to be tested. i.e. You will have to test things for yourself rather than have others toss around conjecture for your hardware and use cases.

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It’s mostly true that by default Linux is not the best in power consumption, especially Garuda. Since it’s more performance-oriented it’s usually recommended here for medium to high-end pc’s. But after some tweaks like enabling laptop-mode, tlp and similar sort of stuff as well as cleaning up unneded background processes it can surely beat windoze. But if you’re not interested in learning how to do it, well, I’ve heard some complains about out-of-the-box battery performance in Linux, as well as some people saying that they could squeeze additional hours thanks to modern Linux tools. But I’m not totally sure about your hardware.


What exact benchmarks? I’ve seen the opposite in some benchmarks. So what?


It could be everything, starting from benchmarking hardware and ending with some default apps


Don’t go confusing things now by actually expecting verifiable facts to enter into the argument. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


About stability, here's an interesting experience. He bricked his Garuda just updating his system and trying to install some app from the assistant.

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That guy is absolutely clueless about how a rolling distro works , so it's really not surprising he borked his system with the things he did.

And BTW, bricking your system is a very serious and often unrecoverable hardware failure often brought on by something like a botched bios update. it is next to impossible for Garuda to brick a system. Perhaps you need to understand and use your terminology more accurately/carefully.


I am absolutely clueless why people care.

It seems that sooner or later, distro’s have to start paying “tips” to youtube influencers, so that they don’t trash talk them.

This scheme has a name… hum…


80% of what he says is very positive, and he had the best experience of any OS for getting Garuda up-and-running.

He just had issues afterwards; due to Arch stuff that is out of Garuda's control.

I'd like to understand what happened so that I don't end up with the same problems after getting up-and-running.

I'm also considering installing Garuda on my wife's laptop. But if things break, she won't be able to fix it. It needs to work.

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Computers shouldn't work, it's all botch jobs, duct-tape, super glue, hopes & dreams that provide us with the functionality we do get. It should be more of surprise that they don't die every week, than that they do die now and then.

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Sure, that is good! But you have to understand also that each system has its issues. Lots of times, the opposite happens: someones says its “perfect” and they one tries it and its all issues and problems!

Probably… :slight_smile: most probably not on its own, but you can always break it!
I once did dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sda1 bs=8M with garuda installed on sda1, and it failed when I rebooted! garuda sucks! :stuck_out_tongue:

What I mean is: you have to try it yourself to know for sure, and not have unrealistic expectations. When you see a lot of praise, it doesn’t mean perfect. When you see a lot of complaints, it doesn’t mean it sucks!

Anyway… if issues appear, we are here to help!

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