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I need to know, too! :joy:


That’s a tricky one; in my head I’ve been pronouncing it like “floor” with a “p” on the end, but then again with “oo” it could just as easily be “FLEW-erp”.

Check out this thread from Hacker News: Floorp – A customisable Firefox fork from Japan | Hacker News

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Phonetically - as a Japanese speaking person - how would this be pronounced?

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This website indicates it is pronounced like “flope” (フロープ). 【Floorp】Firefoxベースのカスタマイズ性が高いブラウザ | ナポリタン寿司のPC日記

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Probably something like “furoaapu”.

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“How would this be pronounced?”

“…badly.” :rofl:


“Japanese Firefox”



I love the last part! Fits perfectly :joy: reading through the comments:

Looks like Floorp in relation to Firefox is the same as Vivaldi in relation to Chrome

This is exactly what I tell people when I have to explain what a fleeewrp is :smile_cat:


I did see it’s available on all but iOS

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I kinda roll my tongue off the inside bottom gum line up to the roof of my mouth. That way it makes a nice, squishy sound. Kinda wet, too. :wink:


I’m testing Floorp and LibreWolf so far im liking LW more but i wish a version would come to the iPhone and iPad not a fan of FF on iOS LOL

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I meant Firedragon, sorry.