Favorite Web browser

Hey just curious what is your regular daily driver for favorite web browser? I been using Vivaldi, and I am looking forward to seeing how they do when they release their iOS browser that might not be a Safari clone based in WebKit!

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Brave, trying Mullvad

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I used to use them! Great vpn for the money

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I know it’s controversial but in terms of performance and speed I prefer Microsoft Edge but yes I know evil Microsoft blah blah blah. In terms of privacy focused I quite like Cachy Browser recently. Brave is also fairly good too if going the chromium route

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:fox_face:Firefox :fox_face:

This is the way


I have that one installed but not using it as much. But I do have M$ Teams installed for when I need to check what’s going on at work. I tend to check even on my days off

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I used to like FireFox but I have kind of gone away from using it myself

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Google Chrome.


Come on, you knew it was the :fire: :dragon: ! :rofl:


I have been using Vivaldi as well for a few years now. As much as I philosophically believe in the importance of using a gecko-based browser, and as disappointing as it is that it's still not fully open-source, there is just no browser that even comes close to matching Vivaldi's insanely robust set of features.

The tab-management and UI features are an instant draw, and likely why I initially stuck with Vivaldi. But I think the main reason why other browsers continue to fall short (I do continue to use other browsers) is the keyboard shortcut management is just way better with Vivaldi.

It's simple to change a keyboard shortcut to something else, which is really useful if you are using a non-standard setup for something. An unusual keyboard with no F-keys for example, or running the browser through a VNC session where the keybinding is associated with something else on the host...no problem, just add or change a keybinding and keep going.

Plus, you can assign basically any keyboard shortcut to any feature you want--including features that aren't even available on other browsers, like unusual tab management features or toggling UI elements on and off.

It's just too good, can't get rid of it.

bindsym $mod+b exec vivaldi-stable --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland

I like librewolf, unless an update breaks something, which happens like once a month.

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Without a doubt, Opera is the queen of browsers! I have been using this browser since 2005... speed, stability, beauty and convenience!

Literally the last browser I would ever use

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Librewolf (Firefox in wolf's clothing.) If that spontaneously combusted, I would go back to Brave.

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I've personally used manu but been stopping browserhopping on Brave for few months now.

I use stack firefox
No extra skins on it, with plenty of plugins
It works great , it works flawlessly
Just only thing is annoying is the error message that comes when i have just booted my system

It says "firefox is already running ...."

But yeah I am known for being extremely lazy and because of my this superior power i am not going to fix that untill two more months of getting annoyed with this.

Yeah i agree with that ,
For some work i also needed to install it a few days ago and seemed pretty fast , with it's AI integrated in the browser, which is really a nice idea to get a surplus amount of user's personal data with which they can play. In accordance of what is THEIR goal , i would say that they have did really a good job ....
And the winner is M$ edge :clap: :fire:


Micro$oft Edge is never the winner. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are based on Chromium but are licensed under proprietary freeware. Both Chrome and Edge apply some custom functionality (such as Google and Microsoft account syncing, respectively) that is not open source, on top of the Chromium base. And when I say 'custom functionality,' I mean spyware that reports to the mother-ship. Evil corporations do evil things, and the end user is never the winner.


Been using Firefox for years now.


Really, the guy who is using Microsoft Edge is dissing somebody else's browser preference? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think for many of us here, Microsoft Edge would be "literally" the last browser we would ever use. Even people I know who use Windows don't like Microsoft Edge.


If it came down to MS Edge or nothing, I'd choose nothing.