Fan Speed and CPU Temp not showing plus Fan Controller not working

I have an Asus Tuf A15. I installed dragonized DE few days back. I tried using the fan speed control (available on garuda gamer) , but it said it is only compactible with PWM fans

I want to know
• how can I control fan speed on laptop fans or for my perticular model laptop
• how can i display cpu temp and fan speed (tried lm-sensors and sensors-detect etc commands)
• how to change color of RGB keyboard

all these settings were managed by armoury crate in windows

Actually it's a hit or miss game
Most of it depends on manufacturers if they added support for their hardware in linux kernel.
Which obviously for most part they don't.

So you have to rely 0n community created software's.
For example there are lot of them in aur

You can install them via pamac

pamac build pkgname

Here replace pkgname by aur package.

You have to experiment and see what works for your laptop.good luck hope something works for your laptop


Perhaps read, and then ask other users with similar model Asus:


Thank you for ur reply, but there are only 3 posts for my laptop, nd none seem to talk about that issue ( perhaps i shouldn't bother about the issue too :sweat_smile:)

but I'll definitely talk to one or two guys who have the same laptop as me

Some manufacture like ASUS give same name but change the hardware in the product, so, same name must not be same hardware.

Read first:

General info: