(Dual System)Windows 10 + Garuda Linux = Installation Failed

I am using windows 10, and I want to have Dual boot Garuda Linux on my laptop.

I got installation failed because the error say:/boot/efi doesn't look like an EFI partition.

I already tried to turn on / off UEFI to installed again, but it doesn't work.

If I install the system without no boost loader, it works. When I restart my computer, it shows the picture 1 on my computer.

picture 1

Can someone help me to fix please?

That's because you didn't create and/or set an EFI partition.

Don't mix boot modes. Pick one and use it for all installed OS.

This doesn't indicate anything is wrong. Apparently you're trying to boot from the PXE loader.

Probably not. You're better off reverting your BIOS/UEFI changes and reinstalling.


Make sure you boot your liveUSB/installer on UEFI mode. On the installation in the partition phase the top of the screen should say "EFI" and "GPT". So basically, boot with F11 or whatever key you need to select the boot media and pick the one with UEFI.

It took a few tries for me to figure out what's going on. Once I did that it installed just fine.


If I installed the system without no boost loader, it works.

I want to use windows 10 and garuda linux at the same.

I know Windows EFI and Linux EFI have conflict.

The partition phase the top of the screen say logic

You may want to give a look at this guide:

but as explicitly stated there, and in many posts in the forum (please always use the "search" button), dual booting is not supported, and only good-willing people might offer their help.
And, to be honest, this looks to me like a strange case to troubleshoot.
If you have an EFI boot system, you should already have a fat32 formatted partition mounted at /boot/efi, and should be able to see that from the live USB with gparted (as shown in the guide) or using the terminal (lsblk or fdisk).
That partition should be used in the installation process, "partitions" step, install "bootloader on" at the bottom.


I am confused this part. I am using windows 10 on my laptop. My partition is MBR.
Do I need to erase my whole hard disk before I install linux?

Thank you so much for helping! If I can figure it out, I will post experience to here. Same as you helping other peopele.

If you use MBR not EFI, you need to put the disk not the partition for the bootloader at the bottom. E.g. /dev/sda not /dev/sda1.
No need to erase anything if you don't want to loose Windows!
The part of the post you quoted, formatting the disk, is due to the fact that that procedure explains how to start everything from scratch, formatting, reinstalling Windows first and then Garuda.
You need only the final step if Windows is already there.
The critical point imo is to understand your setup (MBR/BIOS? GPT/UEFI? Or even MBR with GPT) and relevant existing partitions)


If you're going to format or change to GPT, make sure your EFI partition is 1GB (FAT32) at least. That should be more than enough space to run multiple OS's. I installed windows 10, ubuntu, mate, mx linux all on the same drive and could select each OS from the bootloader.

Can you share some link that explains this requirement?
Or explain yourself "What file(s) is(are) going to be so huge that needs to be AT LEAST(??) 1 GigaByte"?


100 MB is enough.

I did a mistake, my windows 10 system is gone now. :disappointed_relieved:

I tried to repair it, but this time doesn't work any more.

Finally, I install the Garuda Linux(Dragonized Gaming Edition).

I still can't install Dual system.

I need to turn off the UEFI boot, and don't use Nvidia drive to install Garuda Linux.

its simple it seems that garuda has installed on your system just you cant able to acces it .you can access it by pressing boot key in beginig and selecting the partition where the boot loader is installed i had similar problem in linux mint uefi installation.:+1::+1::blush:

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My Apologies, you're right it doesnt need to be that big. I ran windows, linux and hackintosh on the same drive and its hackintosh which needed the EFI partition to be at least 500mb, so i made it a gig to be safe.

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Garuda (calamares) use 260 MiB.
Work fine for me with 3 different Garuda DE's on one HDD (test district :slight_smile: )

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I assumed the /efi partition, which is 300 MiB in size and currently taking up 823,000 KiB.
My square consists of 2 Garuda DEs, Salient OS (as Garuda Multimedia replacement) and Heffilinux. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can't find it in Searx, can you provide a link? I'm curious

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Sorry, I slightly modified my comment. :innocent:

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