Dual Booting Garuda with wintousb on external SSD

Hello Community,

I'm looking for assistance on Dual Booting and installing Garuda on my external SSD which currently has Wintousb installed on it, i am unable to partition the wintousb volume using the windows disk utility

Device: iMac 2015, Samsung T7 SSD (with Wintousb installed)

Try using gparted


Or, if gparted is not available in the edition you want to install, search there partition manager, which is for sure available in all the KDE based editions.

  • Garuda does not support dual-booting. You will need to be self-supporting.
  • That said, you might want to install/run AOMEI Partition Assistant in Windows. The basic version is free.
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Instead of AOMEI, you can also try Detailed solutions to manage disk space and partition size with EaseUS Partition Master

I just think it is better.

Edit: I used it a couple of years ago and I think that time AOMEI didn't have a free version, so I am not that sure about my claim

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but a lot do it

Use Ventoy.net, Garuda Wiki and forum search first, please :slight_smile:


Yes, free version of AOMEI and I think it does a good job. You can also format disks in the Linux Ext family as well as the normal ones. What I particularly like is if has Chkdsk functions as well as a Defragger. The Free version is slightly limited in other areas that the (inexpensive) Paid version does but I do not recall what they are. Meanwhile, I’ll check out your link, and thank you.


Thanks everyone for your replies, I installed garuda few hours ago!
Here's what I did

  1. logged into my WIntousb instance and opened Parition tool
  2. created a new partition allocated 64 GB
  3. used rufus to create a bootable drive
  4. booted into live and installed garuda into my WIntousb ext drive
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Please note that use of Rufus is officially not recommended

Just use ventoy

We always mark here the solution and not the implementation.