Dual boot problem with Win10 and Garuda

Hello friends =)
i had Garuda Linux for some time, and i love using it.

some time ago i had to update my Win10, and from that moment i cant access to the Grub menu, and even in the boot manager i cant see the linux partition..

someone have idea what should i do?

Boot from a live USB.
First thing to try would be using efibootmgr to see if Garuda should be set back as first in the list. But since you don't see Garuda from the BIOS there are few chances this will work.
Second thing would be to reinstall the grub, always from the live USB.
If not working, the manual procedure in this tutorial never failed for me:


Some UEFI firmware cannot show individual systems' entries, but only disks.
In such cases (in my own laptop experience), it maybe possible efibootmgr would show the Linux entry, and in this case you can fix it with just changing the boot order to 1st.

If Linux is not in efibootmgr list, then a chroot is required to fix it as you explain. :+1: