Dual boot issues

I have been using garuda on my laptop and love it. I would love to use it on my main pc but unfortunately the games i mainly play are not supported due to anticheat problems. This leaves me dual booting with windows. But everytime i have tried dual booting linux and windows i always get a corrupted superblock that leaves both linux and windows unbootable. Is there anyway to prevent this as it has happened everytime and i have to completely reinstall everything.


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It is impossible to say what is going wrong with your installation without a single detail describing your current process.

I guess the main things that come immediately to mind would be:

  • Install Windows first because both systems will need to share the EFI partition. I've never had a problem doing this with Linux but I have heard Windows will sometimes wreck the contents of an existing EFI partition during installation.
  • If you can, avoid legacy boot. Best to disable it completely in the BIOS menu if possible.
  • Secure boot must be disabled.

There are tons of threads in the forum about this topic. If you get stumped, read through a few of those and see what other people have done to get it to work.

This might be a good place to start:


Sorry i cant give anymore info as i do not have a dual boot system. I did try it about a year ago, i dual booted win10 with ubuntu. had it for about a week and got a corrupted superblock. I was able to replace the superblock with a backup but it would corrupt every boot. At the start of the week i decided to dual boot my laptop with win11 and Garuda. Windows crashed and the superblock was corrupted, But as it was a btrfs system the tool i used to restore the superblock last time would not work. As i said i really love Garuda but i would need to sort this out first.

Just chroot, repair grub.
Delete win11 :smiley:


For me, I keep windows for online games too but I install windows on one drive and garuda on another with no issues but if I install theme on the same drive I always have issues

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