Dropping several garuda editions

This is about dropping various redundunt editions from our offerings.

Those editions without maintainers will be dropped

Currently we have

@SGS - i3
@Yorper - xfce
@RohitSingh - qtile, lxqt-kwin
@librewish - wayfire
@dr460nf1r3 - dr460nized-kde, gnome, bspwm and barebones

All other editions without maintainers will likely be dropped if no one steps up to maintain them

This list includes

Cinnamon - no maintainer
Mate - no maintainer
Recbox - no maintainer
Kde-multimedia - no maintainer


That is good decision in my view, That may boost productivity of maintainers for current versions. Hope, in coming future new maintainers will join the team and once again you guyz start supporting dropped versions.


Maintaining an edition would be keeping the settings and iso-profiles up to date? Would it also mean regularly building the iso?

I just looked at look at cinnamon and I would love to help maintain this but I'm not exactly sure what it consists of!



As for building iso you dont need to worry they are built on the server.

You dont need to build them only need to keep iso-profile and settings updated


Look at its iso-profile and its settings package
And make changes to it as you see fit


Then I would love to!


I would be interested in maintaining the MATE edition, but I will need some guidance.


I have been happily using MATE since October of last year and I just downloaded
Recbox for use on a machine I just built a few days ago, as a musician I was pretty
excited to begin using that. My first foray into Linux was with Mandrake 7.1 quite some
time ago so perhaps it is time I stepped up and helped with a cause that I'm quite passionate
about. It has also become clear to me that Garuda is going to be the distro that I use for the
foreseeabe future. I would be enthusiastic and willing to maintain either aforementioned DE but like zoeruda I will need some specific info on how to get started.


I Would maybe be interested in maintaining the MATE edition.
Theire are some changes that need to be done like the tray icons look ugly and out of place.


I may be in way over my head, but I wouldn't mind being on stand by or giving @OdiousImp a hand if they need any with Cinnamon. I'm willing to learn what goes into helping out maintaining an edition if it would keep it around for folks using it.

I find I learn best with "trial by fire."


Alright guys, Id be happy to help out with the "how-to" stuff. Maybe we can create a separate topic for that? In any way, the general direction would be like this:

  1. Get comfortable with dotfiles (what files are used by which program, which locations are typically used for which purpose - like ~/.config/latterc for example controls Latte dock settings
  2. Play around with the settings until you find a "sweet spot" and get all the configurations (dropping device specific stuff etc.) in the settings package. The existing packages at GitLab can be taken as example for which files are needed at minimum
  3. Create a nice selection of applications which fit into the DE
  4. Test changes either by building own iso or requesting an iso build (requires to do 5. first)
  5. Fork the *-settings package / iso-profiles from GitLab, insert changes & create a PR at the GitLab so we can review changes and merge afterwards

General maintainer work is often also:

  • Respond to issues related to the maintained DE, fix issues
  • React to updates related to the DE, update configs as needed
  • Explain how to do stuff :smiley:

And of course also working together with the rest of the team to get good solutions to all kinds of issues :wink:

Hope that gives a plain overview of what work taking maintainership involves :slight_smile:


I'm in. I will conduct a test install for MATE tonight and will open a thread with my initial observations. :dragon_face: or feel free to do so @RUanauR @ryzee if you beat me to it


@papa33 perhaps you aren't grasping why editions are being dropped. They are being dropped because the Devs don't have the time to maintain all the editions we currently offer. If others step forward to take over these editions they will continue, otherwise they're heading off into the sunset.

What you are suggesting is more work for the Devs, not less (which was the point of the changes in the first place).



papa33 the architect builder. :wink:


We actually thought about it already in the past but found the amount of effort it takes to get this going not worth it. There is Endeavour & ArcoLinux already offering exactly this - Garuda has another goal in mind than those 2 distributions. Thats the beauty of Linux after all, having lots of choices :grin:


About overall edition philosophy. I like that Garuda at the same time maintains a good-looking editions for general public, as well as a separate for gamers, as well as separate for musicians, as well as barebones for those who want something different. It think that this strategy works better then being a one-sided distro for only one type of user. That's why I think it would be fitting for me to create an edition for those who complain about bloat, aka Suckless Edition. That way we can cover an even greater portion of users.


Isn't Barebones already a lean Edition? Of course, I personally would never complain about more Barebones or similar Editions. :laughing:

Well, it still has systemd and gui :wink:

I like systemd. What do you mean by GUI?

Just whoogle :smiley: