[Dr460nized Theme Changes] Feedbacks on proposed theming changes

Hello Dr460nizers! :dragon:

Since our latest release in March we’ve been working on testing various theming changes, either offered as defaults, choices or replacements of existing visual gizmos.

The goal is to keep the :dragon_face: Dragon :dragon_face: doing what it does best (visually speaking): dark, blurred and eye candy. As well as trying to add some useful features.

This thread has only ONE purpose in mind: discuss about those below provided changes and take feedbacks.

It is not intended to take note of hundreds of other possible changes to include, as there would be no end to the thread and also no release of an upgraded theme cuz there would be too much to look into. :smiley: Which is why we are focusing on those here.

All of the proposed changes are already available through garuda-dr460nized-git package.
More on that and how to install later.

Here are the proposed changes, split into 2 categories:


  • New SDDM Theme!
    Called Dr460nized-Sugar-Daddy, it’s based… no wait, that doesn’t sound right. Dr460nized-Sugar-Candy, there we go!, based on the popular Sugar-Candy SDDM Theme.
  • New Dr460nized-Rounded rounded Window Decorations!
    Based on various themes and customized to fit Dr460nized with minimal color changes. You will notice a grey Titlebar/Borders for Windows that are not on focus, in order to make it easier to distinguish what’s in focus than not. This feature (distinguishing on focus windows) is becoming more and more trendy and there are various solutions to make it work. Let’s try this one!


  • Completely redesigned Clock!
    More and more people confirm that the top center location for a clock is where it should be for efficient eye contact and movement, as well as providing a very elegant Top Panel look. It is now, with dr460nized-git, and on top of that we added the Date, pretty much like Gnome does and maybe some others. To accommodate “smaller” screen resolutions (like the popular 1920 width), a bit of space was needed to clear the Window AppMenu applet. Some rare applications (we only found VirtualBox so far!) spit a big menu and depending on your Font size it could interfere with the new BetterInlineClock applet. No worries, all it does is push the clock a bit more to the right for the menu to use the required space. As mentioned we did not find an application causing this other than VirtualBox. And VBox does it only when its Main window is on focus, showing then the menu. That Main window is not used much when using VBox as you are rather using the VM’s Window, that’s what the application is meant for anyway! :smiley: We believe so far it’s an acceptable situation.
  • Wallpaper Blur is back!
    A new Wallpaper plugin has been added which blurs the wallpaper when it is out of focus.

Firstly, you need to understand SDDM Theme is pre-login, so it applies to all users (or none, logically speaking as no one is yet logged in). For that matter, it requires Administrative priviledges to be applied, therefore it will NOT automatically be applied when you re-apply Dr460nized Global Theme. You have to do it manually.
EDIT: This seems to have been fixed, once you apply Global Theme it should automatically apply the SDDM Theme.

Once that is understood, there are various ways to test those changes. The deeper you know about Linux the more you can imagine ways (take that, MSFT!). Simply put if you

paru -S garuda-dr460nized-git

it will replace the standard garuda-dr460nized and then you re-apply Dr460nized Global Theme + manually apply the new Dr460nized Sugar Candy SDDM Theme, should you wish to test it.

Yes you will lose all your custom visual changes as it will refresh to Dr460nized defaults.
If you want to avoid that, and I highly suggest you do, then here are just a couple ways of working around this:

  • Install in VM
  • Install in a second SSD
  • Install on a second machine
  • Create another user with administrative priviledges, login that user, apply Dr460nized Global Theme and manually apply SDDM Theme. You can easily without issues re-apply the standard Sweet SDDM Theme any time, there should be no risk here.

To revert everything back,

paru -S garuda-dr460nized

, re-apply the Global Theme and Sweet SDDM Theme. This will get you back to non-git Dr460nized defaults, NOT reverting to your own customization).

There are no bugs! Just imperfections. :smiley:

We are already aware of some of them. For instance:

  • The color choices of the SDDM Theme are not perfect, something’s a little bit off, but maybe not, which is why we need your feedback. :slight_smile:
  • The SDDM Theme seems to be a little slow to entirely display, hopefully that is just the case on the machines used for testing by us.
  • The rounded Windo Decos do not have round internal drawn windows (yet, if possible ever) so looking closely at the corners you see a corner square inside a corner circle, which is meh…
  • The rounded Windo Decos sometimes, on some very specific windows/apps (again VBox main window!), display the super long and very famous “KDE Window Deco corner bug” and the color of the squared corner varies also (thanks to KDE for keeping this spicier every time).
  • If you manually create a Plasma Top Panel using the Dr460nized layout from the context menu, it will not include the changes for now, only once we are satisfied with all changes it then will.
    - EDIT: The Wallpaper Blur Plugin does not seem to automatically apply, leaving you with a black wallpaper, which you can change of course. Under troubleshooting.


Dr460nized Sugar-Candy SDDM Theme

Dr460nized Rounded Window Decorations


New Clock

Active Blur Wallpaper plugin

Let us know what you think! :smiley:


SDDM theme looks very cool. Better than the one I am currently using.


Hi @FGD , I'm running garuda-dr460nized 3.0.3-1 which seems to have these changes in it.

The sugar candy theme is nice, but I have two suggestions:

  • Don't show passwords as they are being typed. I think this is a privacy and security concern that goes against the philosophy of garuda. It also doesn't match the previous login screen or current lock screen behavior. I've made a PR to address this here
  • I'd personally remove the welcome text completely. It is much cleaner and fits the rest of the dragonized theme without the cluttered welcome message. I also made a PR for this too if you agree with the changes.

Lastly, although the new sugar-candy theme is nice, it doesn't match the lock screen. The lock screen and login screen used to match so dragonized feels a little bit Frankenstein now and less seamless like before these updates. I'm not sure if this will change soon so apologies if I am jumping the gun.

Thanks for the effort you and all the maintainers put it. Dragonized has been my daily for over a year now and I think it is one of the best looking distros out there. I'm just providing some feedback on the latest changes and hopefully helping improve them.


WOW,..LOOKS COOL :heart_eyes: :star_struck:
? is there Dragonized Rounded Transparent theme(FOR WINDOW BORDER)..
? :grinning:the next theme with new Dragonized + Plasma 6


Tnx for the feedbacks!
Since your 2 suggestions made sense and look good as well, they have been merged. A new version has not been pushed yet, but soon enough.

Let’s continue the discussion: about the lock screen, what do you see different than the login screen? It’s the same wallpaper, same clock… are you saying the icons when unlocking are not the same as the login screen?


A new set of System Tray icons has been pushed!

Plus this one I couldn't capture at the same time (MEDIA)

You should see the WIFI icon, it's awesome. :smiley: (it's the far right one, this one is Ethernet connection)
Pushing icons in the systray is quite a huge challenge, for various technical/Plasma reasons. We are focusing only on the main icons, those usually used most often. This however has a downside: it creates a mix of 2 different themes in the systray, but we believe it's acceptable considering the most used icons are normally the ones people don't hide from the systray.

A few more icons may be pushed with time, but no ETA at all on that.

Since unfortunately by mistake garuda-dr460nized main production package has been pushed, you don't need the GIT version to experience all of what you see in this thread.

Version 3.0.3 will give you all this and 3.0.4 will provide @ThorpeJosh's changes.


We worked on that already and found out transparent borders don’t look right with a Theme like Dr460nized/Sweet, which is kinda special in the color blends it uses. So we opted for a better mix and most of all a better smooth blend for unfocused windows (which usually are a lot more common than focused windows, since focused ones are only 1 at a time).

The plan is to have this Theme before Plasma 6 and once 6 is out to see if anything needs tweaking. We didn’t want to do all at once, I think we will have plenty issues to work with the closer we get to Plasma 6, which is a huge update in a long while.


I've been having SDDM double-display login since about a week, could it be due to those SDDM changes that just got pushed?

A week? No, the push was 3 days ago.

Can you please tell me how did you add icons to system tray? Or just link the gitlab code link/proper resource? I have been trying to search how to add icons to system tray and all I found was it’s impossible yet garuda has garuda system maintenance icon up there. This post gave me a little hope that perhaps I could find how to do it now yet going through the recent commits all I could see were changes to PKGBUILD file and nothing else pertaining to the system tray.

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This commit shows some of the icons Creating Dr460nzied Beautyline + removing SDDM screen padding (!23) · Merge requests · Garuda Linux / Themes and Settings / Settings / garuda-dr460nized · GitLab

Some are very difficult to work, for some reasons. Some others are a direct replacement. Garuda System Maintenance provides its own icon cuz it's neither in Plasma Theme's folder nor the System Icon's (Beautyline) folder.


I posted this 6 days ago.

Nothing else was changed on SDDM before this push 3 days ago?

Correct. Nothing can be pushed to the repository without creating a new TAG in gitlab and as you can see here, apart from the slipped TAG 3 days ago, the one before that was 4 months ago.


Ya :grinning:... now that's looks cool.... now i don't have to install separate plasma theme :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :upside_down_face:

those colorful System tray icons really looks nice ... better than sweet theme's one color icons ..
The nigh-light, flame-shot & firewall icons were looking very odd in sweet plasma theme.

also future dark theme is not matched with dragonized at all :point_down:

There is an issue : you bring the clock in middle it's OK .. but for that double click on panel to maximize/un-maximize not working

and the systray icons looks like this...

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It will be my default response in the help and assistance section of this forum - and it is your fault :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’ve seen some changes on the installation of Garuda of a friend of mine. I wondered what’s happened, I love the “old design” actually. I still use Latte as well… ^^

Bruce :shark:


Correct, that is something we are aware for a while and not sure yet what to do. The reason nothing has been done is we use Window Buttons when the window is maximized, so Top Center Panel double-clicking is not “required” per se…
Personaly I believe the added value of the clock/date in the Top Center is greater than the loss of the double-clicking in the middle, which is why so far nothing has been changed for that clock.

Yes as mentioned not all icons will be ported to Beautyline, due to the high amount of work involved.
We also believe as mentioned that people who show all icons all the time are not that common compared to those showing only required icons. This is why we focused on those required icons, used most often, and ported them.

It cannot be perfect and this is also why this thread is open, to validate whether the idea is good or not. :smiley:


And if they think you’re wrong, just point them out to this thread! :rofl:

The Proof Is Out There” Or out “here” in this case…


Indeed, I’ll yell: THE DEV TOLD ME SO !!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Is there a possibility that someday Garuda have a "light theme"? The dark theme looks awesome, but I suffer from some visual problems that make it a little more difficult to focus my sight on dark backgrounds, and I personally like light themes. I already tried in the past (months ago) adding light themes to Garuda, but It doesn't look quite right, like some things are misconfigured, and it doesn't look very good.

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At the moment a so-called “Dr460nized-Light” is not part of the plans. Simply because our goal is to focus on dark/blur themes, with eye-candy/catchy icons and color scheme accents (plus a couple of dragons here and there :smiley: ).


This is a very good reason to open up a help request on the forum so people can help you properly configure your own custom light theme. It takes a bit of time but I don’t see why it would not work.
There are light themes already part of the KVantum list, which controls various window backgrounds, so that’s a start. Countless amount of themes are downloadable via System Settings as well.
Virtually everything would need to be changed to get a well configured and consistent light theme. Icons, Plasma theme, kvantum, color scheme, etc…

With this in hand if you open up that help request people should be able to help you polish out the left overs you struggle with. :smiley: