Downloading Garuda linux without pen drive


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dear experts,
I want to know that can I download Garuda Linux without pen drive , and will you tell me how can I. I want to download it on my Compaq Presario cq57 (upgraded). it contains 6gb of ram, intel Celeron as processor, and a 128gb SSD. please help me I really want this distro on my Laptop, please also tell me how can I run zoom on Garuda Linux, Please reply to me as fast as possible I'll be waiting for your response.
Awaiting for your response,

Hi @Aymaan

If what you mean by 'download' is to install without a bootable drive (pen drive), that's very difficult because the BIOS will always detect your Windows OS on boot up, and you want Linux to be the bootup on BIOS.

Zoom is something you can install while doing System Setup on Garuda Linux, I just selected it as one of the packages I want to install during setup.

Not an expert, by the way, just thought I'd contribute immediately.. Started using Garuda Linux in less than 24hrs.


Something like a network installation is not possible, so an USB is needed.

Please try to avoid this approach, even in a gentle way. No one here is paid to provide support....

And, welcome! :slight_smile:


You need a separate media to install. It could be a different disk,CD, SD card, pendrive or whatever your computer supports.
Don't forget to disable Secure boot in BIOS.
Assuming of course, that

you want to install it.

If you want to install Zoom on your Garuda install, you can just

paru -S zoom

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