Downgrade python version

Hello everyone,

I'm currently using python 3.10 on my computer but I need to use python 3.8 to play The Legend of Zelda BOTW with mods on Cemu because the mods loader bcml need numpy 1.19.3 to work and this version is no longer supported by python 3.10
I don't know how to change my python to a lower version and I hadn't find anything on Internet.

I know I can install the package python38 but I can't remove python 3.10 so when I use the pip command it downloads modules (bcml) for python 3.10 and not for python 3.8 as I want it to do.

Can someone help me please ?

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What about python3.8 -m pip --version

It tells me that there is no module named pip

Maybe readding it in the pkgbuild will work?

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Finally I solve this problem by creating a virtual environment using venv and python 3.8

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