Documentation Contribution Request

Documentation Contribution Request

Hello Garuda Team.

I would like to contribute Documentation if you would consider giving me the opportunity.

My first contribution/Guide is here in the forum FAQ and Tutorials Category:

Guide For Setting Up Multitouch Touchpad / Trackpad Gestures With fusuma

I would like to add this Guide to the Garuda WIki as well as UPDATE/EDIT a few existing pages.

I'd like to propose the following:

Note: I will be adding sections with appropriate config files for gestures to include all Garuda Official Editions default DE/WM. So far I've have covered Kde and Sway. More to come...

The following sections in "Post Installation Tasks" [ After installing / Garuda apps ] need updating:: (mostly screenshots)

Garuda Welcome
Garuda Assistant
Btrfs Assistant

I would need a Wiki account, if the team approves, of course.

  • EDIT: Note: I would need a Wiki account This is optional. I can always continue to post any Docs/Guides/etc in the forum only. It may be handy though. I'm good either way. I enjoy it. Plus, Garuda in general seems like a great place/project to contribute time and effort. Documentation seems like a good fit right now.

I'll do my very best to put out quality work. Any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks for your consideration.

PS: I've already cloned the wiki's gitlab as mentioned here: How to contribute | Garuda Linux wiki to have a look around to follow existing formats as much as possible for a clean, consistent overall appearance. I will be asking for approval/advice/ideas along the way so as to stay on track with the team's wishes.


These are good suggestions, no objections against adding those to the wiki. In fact additional documentation is always welcome! :slight_smile:

I sent you the credentials via PM!

You might as well edit from within Wikijs, which I personally find easier thanks to Markdown being allowed :joy: Thanks for your contributions, the efforts are appreciated! :blush:


Thank you! I will start today. :smile:

Right after :coffee:


A little WIki Work today...

Update/Edit WIki Page - New btrfs-assistant Screenshots going over each edit some Descriptions here -> After installing / Garuda apps

Added/Created/New Wiki Page "MultiTouch Trackpad Gestures"

Update/Edit Wiki Page "Customizations" and added a Link to Gestures Page

Give the pages a look and let me know if any glaring issues are present please.

Anything at all that needs editing/fixing please feel free to point it out!


I've found a few forum posts that I believe warrant adding at least a link to in the wiki, if not a dedicated page. Here they are...

How to write a nicely formatted post in Discourse/Forum Done. Topic/Page/Pointer Already Exists.

Input would be great. :alien:


This FAQ:

Seems problematic to add to the Wiki. The reason being is that I intentionally separated it into quite a few different posts. I did this so that each separate topic had its own hyperlink. I did this to link posts within the thread as well as to make it possible to link only one section of the thread if providing help.

By doing so, I figured if you were helping someone you wanted to install alternate kernels or perform a bios update you could specifically link only that post (not the entire very lengthy FAQ topic.

This seems to make it unsuitable for the wiki, but honestly I'm not that familiar with editing the wiki, (I've only done this infrequently).


I'm getting my feet wet as well here with WIki. It has been a while. However, Wikijs does have the same capability of putting all your reference links. (something to consider I reckon) Though the Wiki may be unsuitable and not as easy(convenient) as forum posts reply/capabilities since you want to add/links/edit/something on a dynamic post as such.

No problemo! I will leave that one alone. :ok_hand:

Thanks for the input! :alien:

Yes, I can make a "Page/Topic" (Title it whatever you decide) In the Wiki that will point directly to your post.

Check out the Wiki homepage, scroll down the left side menu under:

  • About Support

How To Write A Nicely Formatted...etc

That :arrow_up: Wiki Topic points directly to a forum post. No rewrite required. Just A Title-linked-to-forum-URL. For reference just so you can look at one done this way. =)

Your article/post/topic is such a comprehensive guide for that type troubleshooting.

Moving on... =)

Thanks again & have a good evening!

Edit: Bah humbug... replied to myself. :wink: More coffee... :coffee:

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I'm sure the Wiki does, but then the wiki would be linking to the forums FAQ, not a separate post with its own distinct address within the Wiki article. At least that's what I think. However, I could be wrong. :person_shrugging:

Yes once about 8 years a go. :wink:


Nope, I was wrong today and apologized profusely for that.

When my wife (ex) used to say "you think you're always right", I'd tell her "no, I don't think I'm always right, I'm just rarely wrong.

Although I wouldn't recommend using that line, as it never seemed to go over very well. :wink:


You might as well make her angry and then wrap a towel around her shoulders and tell her “Now you’re super angry!”