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Cute eagle :wink:


Oh yeah, it's Ventoy time!!!


Glad to see this happen. Isn't Pamac an upstream Manjaro tool ....that usually breaks quite frequently? Never cared for it personally.


First of all, congratulations for another major release so fast!! That's amazing, you devs are sure working really hard here, thank you all so much!

Also, I have two questions:

  1. I'm one of the few very very, very very very few people who actually like connman (laugh at me, I know). But just to be sure, it's only being removed from the isos, old installations have to migrate mannually, right?

  2. Can inscure people (noobs as myself) opt to hold on to timeshift a little longer before moving on to snapper (like, will we have support for it yet)? Just enough to see other noobs or even experts making it work and solving common issues to learn a little?
    'Cause it really makes my stomach do a flip thinking that all my current snapshots will be lost. O.O

Yes. Nothing forces you to snapper.


I dunno ...

I have been using Garuda Linux for little more of one month ( i think ) and I have become a little disappointed:

  • Updates are quick and always work. Didn't have any of the great opensuse features of updates coming slow or dead mirrors or zypper segfaulting on curl. ( point to opensuse here )
  • Chaotic-aur repo is horrible for me, almost every package is there and is well made and works. This is a show stopper.
  • Settings are well designed and comprehensive. If I have one alias or shortcut key on zsh, I absolutely expect them to be different on fish. Them being the same just creates confusion.
  • I have been here for only a little time, but to my disappointment, no package broke yet. I was hoping that I would have to compile and fix some things on my own. So far, no cigar.
  • Helpful system tools that work. I spent years and years learning terminal kung fu. Now a GUI comes and does everything and even after I check the config files, everything is done correctly. This makes me feel that I should have gone out partying instead of fixing redhats and suses.
  • The desktop settings are nice to be used, which nobody wants. Everyone wants a default "mediocre" enough that nobody uses. ( kde , i am looking at you ).
  • Defaults to saving snapshots of backups, so that if something hopefully breaks, a solution to make the computer work again is always present. I much prefer having to work out how to make my computer work again, like a puzzle game !
  • Last but not least ( really not least, this is horrible ) a browser that works well, is private but usable, and integrated with KDE. WHY ???!?!?!?

Overall, I beg the devs to at least introduce random bugs and force some compiling of big packages ( hints: chromium, qtwebengine, libreoffice ) so that I have reasons to procrastinate

( ps: do I need the slash s ? thanks to all the devs!! amazing work, very happy to have tried garuda !! )


All of those years wishing for simple GUI-d tools to do those everyday mundane tasks, too, huh? :laughing:

Disgusting. Feels like a waste. Until someone hits that one edge-case and the wise ol' heads say, "I got this."

In all seriousness, it is nice to see Linux--any Linux--finally fulfilling the dreams of "early adopters." It's even nicer to see Garuda in the forefront.

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Well done Garuda developers, and especially @dalto for bringing snapper support for Garuda Assistant! It's good to see Garuda moving forward without makinng users wait too long! Due to my hard drive problem I can only use Garuda live, I'm excited to download new .iso and flash it. :blush:


heh now completely serious, I am not much onto GUI tools as everyday mundane tasks, but command line scripts do. Dunno really why... maybe because I am a programmer, I "expect" to do my daily in writting :stuck_out_tongue: I did get the habbit of getting scripts and alias for everything. Sometimes I think I love writing scripts for things I don't even need. ( And sometimes I even doubt my sanity when I do some of them in rust, or scala or elixir ).

I guess since in my day job I had to do winforms and wpf apps, I kinda got a distaste to doing gui apps at "home".

I am one of those guys that the perfect linux would be Garuda, but based on gentoo. Call me neckbeard... but I really appreciate when complex systems are presented and made simple. Kinda like KDE's tagline: "simple by default, powerfull when needed".

Snap 'er? I barely know her... :crazy_face:


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That explains a lot. My wife's first language was Assembly, so code monkey antics have become a normalized part of life...for 28 years, anyway. :wink:


First time I've heard of this, but it wouldn't interact badly with secondary HDD mounted on, say, ~/Storage/{partition name} right? I've kind of come to prefer that over mounting on /media/.

Personally I still prefer pamac because it looks nicer. Yes, it can be buggy and slow at times, but it looks good and more intuitive for me, as an on-and-off Manjaro user. So I'll probably just install pamac-all anyways.

We will try to forgive you.


No, snapper doesn't care what else you may have mounted.


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